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Thank You……

…….to each and every one of you, for your lovely words of support, your hugs and love. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It has been a very difficult month but I’ve had the support from my family, friends and blog friends to help me through. Like everyone has said, in my own time, the pain will be less hard, my heart will feel less heavy and I will remember and treasure all the good, happy and fun times she has brought into my life.

I will miss the “hmmmmm” she does when she greets me

I will miss her walking over my face in the morning, lying on top of my head, sleeping under the duvet with me and resting her head on my chest

I will miss our race in the morning to get down the stairs to the kitchen for breakfast

I will miss her greeting me at the door when I come home

I will miss her loud purring

It gets easier, I know.



R.I.P Holly……

I am finding this post extremely difficult to write. My life is totally shattered, my heart is broken, it aches terribly, I’m crying out for you every minute of the day.

My life without you by my side is really unbearable, I must be strong.

holly 1

1993 – 15. 10. 2009

You will always be in my heart, forever. I miss you so so much, it hurts, really hurts. I am trying to accept you are gone, I am trying very hard.

hols 5

Rest now, sleep well my baby. There is a special place in my heart….always and forever.

I Love You Xxx

Hello…Holly Here…

Seeing as my mom hasn’t blog since god knows when, I thought I’d jump in and say Hi and tell you a little of whats been going on. My mom is being a little lazy these days with her blog so here’s my chance to tell you what happened to me.

I was poorly again, blood, pain. stress, discomfort.


I was diagnosed with cystitis. Emergency vet very late one eveing, two injections….relief. One  more visit to the vet next day for another antibiotic injection, 3 weeks later, I feel like a new woman!! But I think I’m going a little deaf, must be my age.


Me having a bit of a siesta time in the sun 🙂 Mom is knitting something, I’m sure she will blog about it soon. I pinched a photo of her new project 🙂 Shhhhh…..


Have a nice day!!!

Blanket Cardigan….

Finished!!!! What a relief it is too, all that seaming…argh was driving me up the wall. My neck, my head, my eyes, the black yarn! Believe it or not, its my first attempt at sleeve seaming. I followed the tips from Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters by Jane Crawford. A nice little book with some very handy tips! I have to say, my second sleeve is much neater than the first.


Sublime Cashmere Silk Merino DK in Black

Needles 4mm

Amount used 12.5 balls

Size M


I added a seed st to the collar as I knew that its going to curl no matter how hard I block it. I’m so kicking myself now as I should have done that on the edges at the start of the sleeve and the body to prevent the curling too…..I’m dumb! I knew in the back of my mind that stocking stitch curls no matter how hard you block it and me being me, just followed the pattern as it is! That’s just me, I very rarely make changes to a pattern and I know that as an experienced knitter (can I call myself that? or should I call myself that?) I should have made changes.

Now after blocking it again, the edges still curl. I guess I will have to sew some grosgrain onto all the edges. So my advice….if you’re planning to start one, add some seed st before you start the stocking stitch. Makes less sewing !


I’m really pleased with this cardigan (apart from them damn curls.) It’s a perfect fit, with a lovely drape. The yarn is lovely to work with but I did find that the dye did rub off onto my fingers a little but thats to be expected from dark yarns…I keep saying to myself. Guess who I found sitting on top of the pieces each time I blocked……Ms Holly AGAIN and this time, she managed to catch a few sts with her nails!!! Shriek! Horror! Naughty Cat!  Somehow, no matter where I block, she finds my knitting and Mr Snobs is no help, he leaves the door open for her!! Yeah..mummy just finished her knitting, go and put your mark on it! I feel like picking Ms Holly up when she does her pee and putting her on his lap…..there Holly, go put your mark on him! MEN!

Brassiere Caresse Point Mousse…..

I really really love this cute little gilet. Lovely pattern by La Droguerie.

It’s such a shame that they don’t publish their patterns in English as the designs are so chic and I am feeling the love for their designs so much. Such a simple design, yet so wearable for the Spring, a cute little number for my wardrobe, don’t you think? Now I just gotta wait for the weather to warm up a little so I strut this little number!


Yarn: RYC Baby Alpaca in Chifon 212 7 balls with just a tiny amount remaining.

Size: L.

Needles: 5mm.

Kindly translated for me by a fellow raveler. Thank you.

My choice of yarn gave the gilet a lovely fluffy effect and a pleasure to knit, however I did find it a little splitty at times. I used the Russian join method to attach new balls. This is my new method which worked well. I also chose a size slightly bigger size as I wanted the gilet to fit more around my bust area, rather than have a gaping gap.


The colour has been very difficult to capture. It’s more of a wine colour as in the first photo. I also chose to have buttons rather than a shawl pin but there are some lovely shawl pins around, but I much prefer buttons. Finding just the right place to add two buttons holes proved a little difficult. I had to frog back a few times, it was either too close to the edge or too far back. I still think it’s a little too far back so at times it tends to curl over but I can live with that………and you all know me by now, I like to make two of everything. Yes….I have some Rowan Kid Silk Haze on order for another together with maybe some Drops Alpaca which I will knit together to make another extra extra fluffy one!

……and guess who I found sitting on top of this in the morning? Yup…..Holly. Bad cat.

Champagne Holly….

Thought I’d show you some pictures of Holly, after all you haven’t seen what an improvement she has made in the last few months since her illness.








She’s on the bottle! Don’t worry, she’s not drunk at all, just tipsy!…..and a little on the small side, or is she a ginormous cat??

Wisteria – I Love Cables….

I’m feeling the love for cables at the moment, now that I’ve mastered the technique without a needle. I love how the cables construct, twisting and winding with the stitches. I was working on my Arwen when I was distracted by Wisteria, another great design by Kate Gilbert from the new Twist Collective online magazine. It was the cables that attracted me, how they twist around the neck line, on the bottom of the sweater and arms. I had to drop everything and cast on and to try and take my mind off what Miss Holly was going through, but yet still try and keep her as comfortable as possible. I’ll give you an little update on her at the end of this post.

Photographs of the sweater are modelled on my sister as no one here yet can take proper photos yet and they are before blocking.

Yarn: Dream In Colour Classy Black Parade

Needles: 4.5mm

Amount of yarn: Used a little of the 5th skein approx 4.9 skeins.

Size: Medium

Mods: Shortened the length of the sleeves, I’ve got short arms! Length of sweater as in pattern.

Comments: I love how the sweater turned out. The construction is clever, knitted from the top down. I’m wanting to make another but maybe in a bigger size. Its quite a fitted sweater so if you’re wanting a more looser effect with a bit of ease, go for a bigger size. I was worried about the finished size before blocking, it was ever so tiny and no way was it going to fit over my huge head. My mom was saying why on earth did you knit something so tiny!!! It will never fit you! Thanks Mom!

After blocking, it fits my sister who is a size S, not as fitted but with a bit of movement around the waste and bust area and she’s got her eye on it already. She’s already asked to “borrow” it sometime in the winter……”borrow” means keep in her wardrobe and claim it as Mine.

I do have an inkling that as Classy yarn stretches when blocked, it will shrink back to a small size in the wash, so maybe I won’t ever wash it so she can’t get her mitts on it 😉

Cable details are just beautiful.

I’ve started on another cable project. I am modifying this sweater to a cardigan. It really is testing my knitting capabilities. It requires a lot of concentration already at the neckline and modifying it to a cardigan changes the cable construction totally and having to re-write the cable pattern. Thankfully the designer has been really helpful and its coming along nicely but slowly.

MIss Holly update:

Thank you so so much for all your well wishes, your hugs and vibes for encouraging Miss Holly to recover. We thought she was doing great, back on her food and eating and purring as normal and the 4am starts, were back on. A few days after she got back from her surgery, she decided she didn’t want to eat again. She started to be sick quite a bit after eating and her ability to swallow food was not good. Again she lost so much weight. So it was back to the vets and more antibiotics and painkillers. It appears that she hasn’t fully recovered and is still sore around her throat and choking.

We discussed the options for Miss Holly and decided that as she is drinking normally, we’d mix her prescription food with water and hey!!!! Results, she is eating her food and milk!! We kept her on this eating method for a few days and the vet decided that maybe we should knock her out again and do xray to see what is blocking her throat. So yet again, another visit to the vet but when we got there and discussed the options, we decided that maybe we should give her a little time for the healing process to take place. As she is eating the liquid food and playing about, purring and still alert and active, we decided that we’d give her a couple of weeks and hopefully her throat will heal and she will be back on her normal food.

I’m hoping giving her time will aid her recovery.