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No Caffeine…..

Seriously, does a day without a regular caffeine fix do this to you? I wonder….

Local department store has our regular January sales every year, you know, if you read back to a previous post, how I turned from a friendly, considerate, kind and generous woman to an absolutely mental, evil, demon of a stalker, who watched every move this woman made, who had this yarn that I HAD to have. who wouldn’t put it down, who wondered around and asked the sales rep what she could knit with it, who flipped through pattern books and all the time, me, watching every move from the corner of my eye, who had a partner in crime watch her too…..remember? As soon as she put it back, hands, several hands, mine and my accomplice grabbed it before anyone else did. I’m happy to say, this years sale was different. Maybe it was without the caffeine fix. I was calm, very calm, very unusual for me and so not me.

There before my eyes, lay a full bag of this purple yarn, in fact two bags. Yup…purple. OK I love purple, alot, to admire and ooh and ahhhh, but to wear? It’s totally out of my colour palette. But this purple was different, it wasn’t too bright, too in your face, it was calm, warm and oozing with yumminess.  This purple yarn was calling me…..Yarnsnob, I’m yours…..take me home. Was this yarn actually talking to me?  Has yarn ever talked to you? For brief moment, I thought I was going crazy!

So under my arm it went and without a moment hesitation or a fight with anyone else, went to the cashier, handed over my credit card and so home it came with me.

I had a project in mind for it but strangely and totally out of the ordinary, I SWATCHED. I NEVER SWATCH, seriously, I do not swatch for anything. I consider myself a very very naughty knitter, so please do not, I repeat do not follow my in my footsteps. To make this more out of the ordinary, I blocked the swatch and waited for it to dry and to make it even more out of the ordinary, I counted the stitches one by one over and over again! Now I do believe something was totally wrong with me that day.

The purple yarn, or should I say Aubergine became this…..

Alexandria Cardigan a pattern I’ve longed to knit. It required an icord at the front…never attempted before, short rows for the sleeves, done once and messed up with my Arwen cardigan, picking up stitches from 3 rows down and BO together to create a kind of rolled edge effect for the sleeves and neckline, which I did for the sleeves but did and icord bind off for the neckline.

So, a little about this yarn. Rowan had a batch of previously discontinued undyed Organic Merino DK and as one off special, dyed colours exclusively for the John Lewis chain of stores throughout UK for the 2010 January sales.

Changes made to the pattern?

Neckline: icord BO

Sleeves: 11 inches before start of eyelet

Dec: ssk ( slipped 1 knitwise, slipped 1 purlwise, ktog) (nice and ne

Inc: picked up st from row below from the back and knit (almost invisible inc)

Omit the first row of cluster pattern so the front panels lay flat

Add button for closure.

Maybe I should stay off the caffeine?  It certainly had a very weird effect on me, I must say!


There Is Progress…..

……..really there is,  on the knitting front, not on the yarn front, well..OK just another 10 balls of Rowan Cocoon in Shale and nothing more, honest!

I really stuck my nose into my knitting these past few days, wanting to finish lots of projects before starting another. I’m funny like that, it bugs me that something isn’t finished and just lying around. I hear voices in my head, whispers in my ear, unfinished projects call me……please finish me, please. No matter how boring the knitting is, I just need to get on with it and just focus myself on that project. My mind does wonder to other things.

So I got down to some serious business. I’d finish one row then on the next row, I see if I can knit a little faster and the next row after that. If my needles could create sparks, I swear I could make a little fire!

This is not the most interesting of projects, somewhat tedious with rows and rows of stocking stitch but I really wanted an over sized cardigan to throw over a t shirt come Spring, something classy and non too fussy and so I chose this. Yeah, I kept saying to myself, it’s only stocking stitch, you can do it with your eyes closed. Just focus.

Blanket Cardigan from the Sarah Dallas Knitting. How do you take interesting photos of a black cardigan? With difficulty.


What’s interesting about this cardigan? Not a lot but there is the strip which runs from one front to the back and the seed st border on the front.

There are sleeves to seam on and also the collar which is half done. I blocked and seamed the two fronts and the body sections as I wanted to try the cardigan on for size. Great fit, not too baggy as I feared that it may look like I’m wearing a bin liner with blue ties or something hideous. Mr Snobs said, Oh I have something like that! Oh great! Still I didn’t care. I like it!

As we all know, stocking stitch has a tendency to curl….damn them curls. I really blocked the s**t out of it, standing on it, stamping on it, placing heavy books over it. I plonked Holly on top of it, hoping that her warm botty may just flatten them curls! No luck. Still, damn them curls. It’s not going to lie flat although some sections are flatter than others.


See that curl? Blah!


I love that thin blue line.

I have a few options to fix that curl. Great advice from friends. 1. Buy another ball of the yarn and either pick up the edging and knit or crochet another row, or an edge. 2. Attach a strip of grosgrain around the bottom edge and sleeves, which means more sewing. 3. Block the crap out of it again, and again and again. I think I may opt to attach grosgrain and hope for the best!


La Drogueire Brassiere Caresse Point Mousse, Gilet to you and me. I’m lucky to have this translated from French by some Ravellers. Really simple but effective and totally wearable gilet. My garter stitches are not the neatest of my knitting, kinda messy in places and uneven. I’m planning to add buttons to this rather than a shawl pin.


Using a couple of clover leaf design coconut buttons from my stash. The pattern calls for yarn by the weight not by the yardage and I am realising I’m using more than what is required, possibly due to the fact I chose a DK yarn. I was so lucky to find a further two balls of this RYC Baby Alpaca DK in the same dyelot number after a major search across UK! Several calls and a couple of hours later, I sourced 2 balls and had them delivered to my home…Phew! Lucky or what? Who said knitting was easy!


Just when you thought I was all done with my bargain hunting….here I am, at it again, stalking, no searching this time for online bargains. I am a bargain whore, I admit it. There is no mistake about that. My last bargain purchases, were, somewhat fun and exciting. I managed to get 44 balls of yarn passed Mr Snobs,  right under his nose. This time the shopping is much more laid back but I had ask myself……. How do I get 55 balls of yumminess pass him this time? I have 2 weeks of him at home in my face 24/7! What do I do?

  1. Do I smuggle them in by hiding them under my sweater and pretend I ate too much?
  2. Hide them in the downstairs toilet or cloakroon and wait until he’s out or sleeping?
  3. Put them in the boot of my car and bring them in together with the weekly daily grocery shopping?
  4. Tell him Holly went shopping and brought herself some cat beds.
  5. I’m ordering for a friend, they are not mine.
  6. I’m knitting you a lovely sweater, they are ALL for you.
  7. Say “Look what I got in the post today!” wave them about in his face and hold them directly under his nose?

Answer: No 7 and only with one question asked. “What are going to make with them?”

He’s good, he understands, he knows he’s married a crazy woman, who is stubborn, a perfectionist and always gets what she wants. I was expecting “Are you going to open a yarn warehouse or something?” “Are you EVER going to knit up the yarn you already have?” “You gotta stop, no more, the house is full of yarn, I won’t be able to find Holly.” Oh yeah yeah!

10 Rowan Cocoons


13 Sublime Angora’s – Feather, incidently 10 are on a flight overseas, gifted


and 15 Sublime Angora’s in Husk & 17 in Blacker

…….OH and a button 🙂


…..and do you know something? I ain’t got a clue what to make with them!

There has been some knitting going on, really there has…Blanket Cardigan from Sarah Dallas Knitting and a  Gilet from a French pattern. More on that when I quit shopping and actually do some knitting.

I also received some truely beautiful timber buttons from Nora in Australia, too beautiful to use, so I may just frame them 🙂 Thank you so so much. Xx Ok…I’m going to do some knitting…really I am, no kidding!


Pssst………I have another 20 balls waiting to arrive….eeek! If you find the blog is quiet all of a sudden, you can guess what’s happened…Mr Snobs will have ordered me out of the house! Oh Help!

You Do This Too, Don’t You?…..

Happy New Year everyone, 5 days later lol. Thank you to everyone who has taken time to visit my blog, post comments, for your inspirations and well wishes. Hope you all had a good new year.

This nasty flu bug isn’t going away as quickly as I want. My crispy red nose, yes crispy, you know when it all dries up and it becomes crispy and flaky from the tissues and you blow your hooter so hard you get nose bleeds………ok I won’t go into detail but you get the picture, has found its way back onto my face! A few drips now and again but I’m surviving.

I managed to get out a few days after the festive season to go bargain hunting in the sales and yes my flaky nose came with me, not a pretty sight but I didn’t care. I took my sister along with me for support.

Now you tell me and be honest…’s happened to you right? You have all done this before…….you ready for some story telling and lots of pictures?

I head off to the sales, weaving in and out between all the bargain hunters and focus on getting to the yarn department in my local store, as fast as my feet could take me. Once there, I saw lots and lots of bargain yarns, mostly half price. My sister and I are like little children, rummaging around the bags of yarns, grabbing as much as we could carry before anyone else grabs them. Eventually we had to get two shopping baskets, one each. Opposite me, I see a lady in red jacket and she has grabbed a bag of yarn that I had to have, how come I didn’t see that? Oh, she clutches on to it like something precious. I said to my sister, I must have that.

The lady then walks away without putting the bag of yarn back and this is where is gets worse. I stalk her, I follow her around the department with the corner of my eye, I walk up to her, behind her, looking and trying to get a glimpse of the yarn…..lovely colour, I want to touch it and just get a little info about it.

She heads back to the bargain section, there’s hope? No, she still clutching them and rummages around for more. She wanders away, I lose sight of her…where is she? Has she gone to the checkout? Go sister…see if you can find her and off she goes, looking for her. We’ve lost her. The suddenly, she pops her head up from behind the book section and there she asks the store rep about something. I ears drop on their conversation, me on the other side and my sister next to her. She is looking for a pattern to make with the yarn, but the rep tells her there is not enough. I still pretend to rummage around the bargain section.

Half an hour goes by and she’s still not letting go, the rep then grabs her some novelty chunky yarn. Yes, that will be enough lady, you buy that and let me have the other. I can see she’s not interested and I know she knows I want that yarn. My sister spy reports back and tells me that she is desperate to find a pattern for the yarn.

She heads back to the bargain section, my sister stands on one side of her and me on the other, looking at the novelty yarn, looking at the yarn she wanted, comparing, she knows I want it. FINALLY 45 mins later, she places the yarn back into the bargain section and no sooner does she let go, I snatch it from her hand, whilst another bargain hunter was eyeing it up. Sorry, lady, but it has my name on it. The lady in the red jacket looks at me and smiles. I say I am sorry but I have to have this but if you really really do want it, then please do take it. I can see from her eyes, she does really want it as she looks at it again and again and hesitates. You don’t mind if I take it, I ask? Um…..well……mmmmm, no was her reply. YES!!!!! It’s mine.

Now you tell me if this has happened to you, or am I the only one who stalks people around the department, lusting for a yarn I must have? I laughed at myself and feel a sense of guilt that I did what I had to do. What has happened to me? I’ve become a yarn, stalking monster of some sort!

Lady in red…if you’re reading my blog, I’m sorry, it was me! I am that crazy woman that had that red crispy nose, who stalked you like a little kid!

Yarn in question? 7 balls of Scottish Tweedy Chunkiness!


and other bargains I picked up…




and this is supposed to smell like sheep!


But it hasn’t been all bargain hunting, there’s been knitting too:


One Row Handspun scarf for my aunt to match her grey cable hat. Rowan Cashsoft Chunky in Charcoal, purchased in the sales and I wish I brought more.


Big Wool Wham Bam.
Quick and simple from one ball of Rowan Big Wool.


…… the most wonderful thing in one’s life. Friends mean so much, they make you laugh, they share, they are so sweet and so kind. They are an inspiration to me, I love them, they know who they are.

I have a new knitting friend, who has filled me with inspiration and plenty of it. From my knitting to my photography skills, which I may add are nothing compared to this macro goddess. Check this out. TDoesWool.

A beautifully wrapped gift arrived one morning that smelled so divine even my postman Steve (did I tell you he’s not called Steve but Stu???)couldn’t part with it! Christmas aromas of cinnamon and spice filled my home along with Christmas spirit, of joy and happiness.


Scented satchet, Gourmet peanut butter chocolates, I’m selfish, didn’t want to share, beautiful buttons, we share the same taste, scented pillow and cinnamon stick for that final touch.  Theresa you sure know how to spoil a girl, to pack and wrap the most amazing gift. so much thought and effort.



My versions of an arty, macro, out of focus photos, with my limited digital camera.

That’s not all. I have my very own Zakka Pouch. The original designed by Black Dog Designs, but this one is special as this one is a Zakka Pouch Revisited. Designed by Theresa using felted wool…now that’s creativity. I can’t believe I have my very own Zakka Pouch, the one I saw and loved.


A lovely touch….so personal, so special.


Beautiful Japanese Fabric with co-ordinating ribbon… attempt at photography composition.


I am spoilt, so very very spoilt. I don’t deserve but I cherish so much. I’m smiling, I’m happy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, there are really no words to express my gratitude and happiness. XX

Santa Came…..

…..early and with him, he brought me gifts from two of my many wonderful friends….Belaybunny and Sheknitigans.

From Belaybunny, a lovely knitted scarf in laceweight yarn which is ever so warm.


Some of her handspun yarn which is ever so soft



…….and PY Dale/Laura in Purple Perry, so purple, so soft, so lovely.


Thank you.

From my lost twin Coley, I have my first ever Sundara Yarn in Deadly Nightshade.


I know what all the fuss is about with this yarn. The colour is so intense and the base yarn is so soft. Thank you so much for your wonderful kindness and for thinking of me this festive season. Love to you both. XX

See The Difference?….

Arwen, yes Arwen…….this should be finished now and I should have been wearing this last winter but no. Along came other projects and I got distracted and sadly Arwen was put in my projects bag and forgotten about until one day……I hear a faint whisper….”Please finish me, please?”

So out came Arwen from its project bag and I cast on the Front Right section which should complete My Arwen BUT, yes a very big BUT.

A very difficult colour to photograph btw.


You see what I see? No?? Go on take a closer look, come closer, closer, stick your nose right up to the  monitor and see what the big BUT is all about.

You still can’t see it? Ok a clue…it’s not the cables. You see it now? Let me show you……

Now you see it??? The left of the picture with the red arrows is the correct knitted front right panel of the cables. The right of the picture with the white arrows is the wrong knitted front of the left panel, which incidently I knitted up way back in Oct 2007.


So what did I do wrong? Well…..I read the chart pattern wrong, thats what!!! I should have read from right to left, then next row left to right! But NOOOOO silly Yarnsnob here read every row from right to left and hence the silly mistake AND to make things worst, I did all my short rows WRONG!!!! I knitted the wrapped st and the next st together! HA! Boo Hoo now it means I have to frog the whole of the left side. YES!!! I’M SCREAMING I’M MAD MAD MAD but who do I blame? only myself.

 This is the correct verison of the Right Front panel, with sleeve cuff grafted……

using Kitchener st and dpn’s. The join is almost invisible and clever too!

I could have done the right front the way I done the left front, the wrong version but because I also done the short rows incorrectly, well… has to be frogged. SO….sigh….DO YOUR RESEARCH before you start on a major project that you are unsure about, such as new techniques, how to read charts etc. Don’t be a fool like me and plunge head first.

I also feel that after knitting a few sweaters, I have a more understanding of how a sweater is knitted up and this has been a HUGE learning process for me but sadly, it will be a very lengthy one! I’ve also mastered the technique of knitting cables without a needle which every cable lover should learn, so much faster and less fiddley.

NOW would anyone like to frog my left side? It will make it less painful for me lol.