Recovering Well…..

Hello reader! It’s Miss Holly here. Let me tell you something about myself. I am a tabby cat, an old cat of about 15 years or maybe 14 and I belong to Mr and Mrs Yarnsnob.  Here is a picture of me taken by Yarnsnob.

She often takes photos in funny postions, this one was on her back on the floor. i was wondering what she was doing on the floor and was ready to pounce on her belly!

The blog’s been very quiet the past few weeks because I became rather ill. I developed a viral infection that attacked my nose, mouth and throat. On top of that, I had sore gums and toothache. My mom was really worried, I often see her in tears as she is trying to comfort me. I could see she was sick with worry, she was very tired looking and exhausted. She was up most nights comforting me and telling me to get better soon, don’t give up.

Im not sure why or how I caught this but I’d was in a lot of pain and I was retching all the time and choking. I heard my mom say I developed a third nostrel on my nose. Oh how I wish I could see myself in the mirror. I must have been a sight! I lost my appetite and couldn’t eat for 4 days. She’d give me a 5 course meal each day and night to try and get me to eat something. It smelt delicious but I just couldn’t eat at all. My throat and tongue ached so much.

My mom decided to take me to the vet were I saw a lady with very red cheeks. She was very nice. I heard them talk about tumour in the nose, ulcers, lacerations, teeth extraction, gum disease. I heard my mom cry again and asked the vet to do all she can to help me and comfort me. She gave me injections of antibiotics, vitamin, and also something to make me feel hungry. The vet tried to open my mouth but it was so sore. I kept it tightly shut and could see her cheeks getting redder and redder and hands shaking as she tried to open my mouth. I was so scared, my heart was beating so fast, I hid under my moms armpit. I want to go home.

Everyday, I could see the anxiety in my moms face, often there would be tears in her eyes. She’d say…” Poo Poo breath, please get better.” Im not sure why she calls me that but she does it all the time. Ok…I do have bad teeth and gum and maybe my breath does smell a bit, but not of POO! She would sit beside me with her knitting, I’d hear the faint click click of her needles and then she’d stop and tickle my head. I wonder what she is knitting.

I visited the vet almost everyday. I hate that place, the smell, the dogs, the other animals, the cat basket. I just wanted to stay at home. I saw the red faced vet almost everyday for one whole week, daily injections of antibiotics and painkillers. One day I was sick on the floor and I saw my mom in histerics. She rang the vet and rushed me to see the red faced vet. I had so much acid in my stomache and was given something to calm it but she was told to check for any signs of blood. The vet then came up close to my face, sniffed my mouth a couple of times. I thought she was going to give me a little peck! ” We have to knock her out and see whats going on in that mouth and throat.

One week later, I am eating a little and I do feel better but I cannot feel my nose. Its dead, its white and it’s still sore. Im going in to have my teeth out, I’m frightened. I want it to be over quickly. My mom takes me in at 8am, I see her walk away saying, don’t worry, everything will be fine, you’ll be back home soon poo poo breath. I can’t believe she calls me that in public!!!

Few hours later, I wake up, Im drowzy and want to sleep. I’m in a cat kennel and there are two other cats here too. One above me wouldn’t stop meowing, not sure what she’s in for and the other, well he had some sort of bladder infection, quite bad actually. Wish I can meow to them they will all be fine but my mouth hurts. I feel chilled in here, its warm and I do feel better. I’m on a drip, there is cat food, water and litter tray. Hey!!! I see my moms face, she’s smiling!!! They tell her I have to stay overnight just to make sure I’m ok. It’s not a bad place actually but Id rather be at home on my leather footstool.

My mom and dad pick me up the following day, I’m so excited to be going home. I see their smiling faces, they are happy. My nose feels better as do my mouth, throat and tongue. I had two teeth taken out. I’m so glad they didn’t take all of them out! I see the red faced vet chatting to my mom and dad. I hope this will be the last time I see her.

I’m home now, in my bed, with my mom and dad. My nose has almost completely healed and I am able to eat more and more each day. Sadly, I don’t get the 5 course meal I was once offered but I occasionally get a treat of Philadelphia cheese and some chicken. My mom is much happier now, she is smiling at me and she has finished her knitting project too. It’s rather pretty. It’s blocking on the floor so I think I will have a lie down on it.

“Poo Poo breath, where are you, food time!” Oh I wished she stop calling me that, my name is Holly! I wonder if I will get my 5 course meal tonight?

PS Photos are taken before I became ill. I don’t believe what my mom done to my Hemlock Blanket….She felted it!!


9 responses to “Recovering Well…..

  • nestra

    Glad your girl is getting better. I know what it is like to beg a pet to eat, it is heart-wrenching.

  • Laura

    Oh Poor Holly!
    I hope she is feeling better!
    We need to get together and chat.
    Are you excited the Olympics are coming to London!
    Maybe now I can get hubby on a plane to come a visit you.

    Take Care

  • Jen da purse Ho

    omg your poor kitty. i hope she feels better!! 🙂 thanks for telling the story from her point of view.

    Girl..did you felt your hemlock??? 😀

  • Aberdonian

    I’m glad Holly is feeling better!

  • Naomi

    Oh, poor poo poo breath, uh, I mean Holly! I am glad she is feeling better because I know if baby isn’t feeling good neither is mommy and daddy!

    Hope you all are recovering – did the lack of sleep, etc. contribute to Hemlock getting felted? Pictures please! 🙂

  • Minnie

    Hey, Holly!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    Mum’s are funny. Mine calls me Granny Green Teeth now and again. Can’t think why.

    Hang in there for those 5 course meals:o) You’ll train her, eventually. At least you don’t have 13 other cats and a dog in your house vying for Mum’s attention!! I get the sofa at night, though:o))

    Best Wishes


  • sarah

    Hi there Holly! So glad you are up and about – your Mum’s been so worried about you!

    She felted the Hemlock? Goodness!!!

  • belaybunny

    I’m glad Holly is on the mend.

    Holly, what a silly mum you have felting your lovely hemlock blanket – did she let my DH do her washing by mistake – lol!!! 😉

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