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……..is the most wonderful thing in one’s life. Friends mean so much, they make you laugh, they share, they are so sweet and so kind. They are an inspiration to me, I love them, they know who they are.

I have a new knitting friend, who has filled me with inspiration and plenty of it. From my knitting to my photography skills, which I may add are nothing compared to this macro goddess. Check this out. TDoesWool.

A beautifully wrapped gift arrived one morning that smelled so divine even my postman Steve (did I tell you he’s not called Steve but Stu???)couldn’t part with it! Christmas aromas of cinnamon and spice filled my home along with Christmas spirit, of joy and happiness.


Scented satchet, Gourmet peanut butter chocolates, I’m selfish, didn’t want to share, beautiful buttons, we share the same taste, scented pillow and cinnamon stick for that final touch.  Theresa you sure know how to spoil a girl, to pack and wrap the most amazing gift. so much thought and effort.



My versions of an arty, macro, out of focus photos, with my limited digital camera.

That’s not all. I have my very own Zakka Pouch. The original designed by Black Dog Designs, but this one is special as this one is a Zakka Pouch Revisited. Designed by Theresa using felted wool…now that’s creativity. I can’t believe I have my very own Zakka Pouch, the one I saw and loved.


A lovely touch….so personal, so special.


Beautiful Japanese Fabric with co-ordinating ribbon…..an attempt at photography composition.


I am spoilt, so very very spoilt. I don’t deserve but I cherish so much. I’m smiling, I’m happy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, there are really no words to express my gratitude and happiness. XX


Santa Came…..

…..early and with him, he brought me gifts from two of my many wonderful friends….Belaybunny and Sheknitigans.

From Belaybunny, a lovely knitted scarf in laceweight yarn which is ever so warm.


Some of her handspun yarn which is ever so soft



…….and PY Dale/Laura in Purple Perry, so purple, so soft, so lovely.


Thank you.

From my lost twin Coley, I have my first ever Sundara Yarn in Deadly Nightshade.


I know what all the fuss is about with this yarn. The colour is so intense and the base yarn is so soft. Thank you so much for your wonderful kindness and for thinking of me this festive season. Love to you both. XX