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Hat & Cowl Test….

Test knitting is done. I think I passed, whoohoo! Bree is happy with the projects completed, I think.

French Braid Cowl…..Malabrigo Worsted Polar Morn. Needle: 5mm

Size: 28cm x 137cm Blocking Wires: essential, Buttons: East of India

Got rather excited when I was asked to test knit this, so excited, that I knitted non stop, and spend a whole day just knitting in my pyjamas, in my little knitting world, ignoring everyone. Finished a skein in a day.

I couldn’t put it down, we’ve all been there before, love the yarn the pattern, just want to knit all day.

Completed after 4 days, on and off knitting, would have finished it sooner if it wasn’t for my sore arm.  I’m pleased with it, very pleased. Love the design. Wasn’t sure about the buttons at first but I think they are growing on me, yes, I think they work.

Obstacles Hat…..Malabrigo Twist Terron Needles: 4mm and 6.5mm

The yarn is extremely soft, as you expect from Malabrigo. The hat and the yarn choice is a lovely combination. Sadly, for me, not the fault of the design or the designer, this hat is a little too small for me. You see, I have a huge noggin, my mom says I have a huge noggin, thanks mom! So this beautiful hat seems to rise up over my ears and likes to sit snuggly above them. It fits Mr Snobs perfectly, but he refuses to model or wear it, Men don’t do cables……since when??

I should block it, but I love how it looks unblocked…..decisions.

Modelled: My sister

Photography: yarnsnob



…… the most wonderful thing in one’s life. Friends mean so much, they make you laugh, they share, they are so sweet and so kind. They are an inspiration to me, I love them, they know who they are.

I have a new knitting friend, who has filled me with inspiration and plenty of it. From my knitting to my photography skills, which I may add are nothing compared to this macro goddess. Check this out. TDoesWool.

A beautifully wrapped gift arrived one morning that smelled so divine even my postman Steve (did I tell you he’s not called Steve but Stu???)couldn’t part with it! Christmas aromas of cinnamon and spice filled my home along with Christmas spirit, of joy and happiness.


Scented satchet, Gourmet peanut butter chocolates, I’m selfish, didn’t want to share, beautiful buttons, we share the same taste, scented pillow and cinnamon stick for that final touch.  Theresa you sure know how to spoil a girl, to pack and wrap the most amazing gift. so much thought and effort.



My versions of an arty, macro, out of focus photos, with my limited digital camera.

That’s not all. I have my very own Zakka Pouch. The original designed by Black Dog Designs, but this one is special as this one is a Zakka Pouch Revisited. Designed by Theresa using felted wool…now that’s creativity. I can’t believe I have my very own Zakka Pouch, the one I saw and loved.


A lovely touch….so personal, so special.


Beautiful Japanese Fabric with co-ordinating ribbon… attempt at photography composition.


I am spoilt, so very very spoilt. I don’t deserve but I cherish so much. I’m smiling, I’m happy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, there are really no words to express my gratitude and happiness. XX

Santa Came…..

…..early and with him, he brought me gifts from two of my many wonderful friends….Belaybunny and Sheknitigans.

From Belaybunny, a lovely knitted scarf in laceweight yarn which is ever so warm.


Some of her handspun yarn which is ever so soft



…….and PY Dale/Laura in Purple Perry, so purple, so soft, so lovely.


Thank you.

From my lost twin Coley, I have my first ever Sundara Yarn in Deadly Nightshade.


I know what all the fuss is about with this yarn. The colour is so intense and the base yarn is so soft. Thank you so much for your wonderful kindness and for thinking of me this festive season. Love to you both. XX

Awards, Cable & Button Kick….

First of all, I’d like to say a big “thank you” to those who nominated me for an award…….to:  Lucy for this award


Margaret and  Terriknits  for this award

and to Octopusknits for this award

This is rather embarassing as I really should be nominated for “Bad Blogger award.” In fact I think I will nominate that to myself! Haven’t thought about my answers yet but will post when I do! Thanks girls for the nominations.

Well…..what’s been happening then? I’ve developed a love for cables, if you hadn’t noticed already. I find myself looking and touching cable garments in department stores. I’m instantly drawn to them…’s weird.


A cute beanie for my huge head, really I do have a huge head. Really quick and lovely design. I thought I’d finished it rather quickly, tried it on… didn’t fit. It kept on rising up to a point. My head really this big? Can’t be!!! I checked the pattern, then realised I missed one repeat!! DOH! Frogged back the decreases, reknit the extra repeat. A perfect fit! Now it covers my eyes!

Cabled Cowl Malabrigo Black Forest

An across the pond KAL with my twin Coley. Absolutely love this project. Not one for sitting in front of the tv knitting as it requires a lot of concentration. Mind blowing cables…wow…I love how they develop before my eyes. Poor little lonely button 😦 I was wanting to use these buttons for the cowl but I’m missing one. Sadly, only one survived the long journey but Im sure it will be used for another project. However…….yes, I stumbled upon these:

Aren’t they a beauty!! Made from Coconut Wood carved with a Traditional Oriental Design. I absolutley LOVE LOVE LOVE. I think another fetish is coming!

Lady Malabrigo Geranio….

Back in December of 2007, my dear friend Paula sent me a lovely gift….four lovely skeins of Malabrigo Worsted in colour Geranio. I knew I had to find the perfect pattern for this, as it was something special and so I waited and waited until the right pattern came along. That pattern was The Lady February Sweater by Flint Knits.

Of course you probably know by now that this is the second one I’ve knitted and before you say it…..yes I do have a strange habit of knitting two or more of everything. I just like to see what things look like in a different yarn and colour.

I had wanted to use the Malabrigo as my first choice of yarn but four skeins, I knew this was not enough for my size unless I starve myself or go on a crash diet and knit the smallest size available. BUT….as you know it, I’m very lucky. You see….Paula was overcome by the fumes of Malabrigo in her LYS and she walked out with 10 skeins of that colour, four already landed on my doorstep but I had to find the 5th skein in same dye lot and colour and who came to my rescue…..Paula. She kindly sent me the 5th so I could complete my sweater. Thank you so much, my Lady Sweater is finished and I am so happy with it but of course it couldn’t have happened without the generosity of one wonderful knitter.

Ok….enough of the waffling, time for some pictures. The sweater is modelled on my little sister. She is the worst photographer, ever…she shakes so badly it’s unbelieveable!!! Every picture was a total blurr!!

  • Malabrigo Worsted 4.5 Skeins
  • Needles 4.5mm and 5.0mm
  • Mods: YO’s instead of M1 for raglan increases and KFB instead of YO’s for eyelets, which created a nice raised effect kind of st.
  • Buttons on right of sweater 18 repeats for the sleeves and 21 for the body.
  • Buttonhole spacing 2.5cm but when I got to the final buttonhole I was a few rows short after completing the YO’s, so I did a few rows of the garter st until it reached the 2.5cm, added the final buttonhole, then continued a further 4 rows of the garter st before beginning the gull lace. My buttonholes, I started at the end of the row rather than the beginning and by making sure my buttonholes were on the right hand side before starting rows 2 and 4 of the gull pattern, this helped me keep track that the buttons would remain on the right hand with the right side of the gull lace showing. I hope I made sense….or am I talking riddles????

Finding the right buttons was probably the hardest thing!! I had everyone….and I mean everyone helping me in the department store, the cashier, the sales assistant, my sister, two other ladies also shopping for buttons, a gentleman sitting patiently waiting for his wife. I had a whole selection of buttons scattered about!! It was hilarious but finally, everyone seemed to think these were the right ones, and these were even my dad’s first choice!!

Who likes alternating yarns when knitting? I don’t, its one of the most annoying things in knitting. Although all 5 skeins were same dyelot number and colour, and almost a semi solid colour, there were sections of light and dark and I did consider snipping the lighter sections of the final skein. You can see on the sleeve the effect it has created by using just one skein, a slightly stripey effect. I carried the two skeins, alternating every row under the arm sections of the body. This helped keep the edging of the buttonhole band neat.

Paula……I hope I have inspired you to cast on your Lady Sweater in the same colourway, and anyone else who hasn’t done so. Once you have knitted this, you do feel more confident with sweater knitting and you can conquer everything….well almost!

Now I’m just waiting for the weather to become cooler so I can strut my stuff!!! One thing’s for sure, I won’t get lost in the dark and Mr Snobs will never lose me when we go out! Which one shall I wear though?

Name That Sheep Competition….

That’s exactly what you have to do!! Sheknitigns is holding a competition to name her sheep.

All you have to do is visit her Blog and on the lefthand side of the page is a link, just click on it and enter, Simple!! You can give her a quirky wacky name or something simple like Shauna! Well we have Shaun the sheep so why not Shauna?! Oops I just told you all my entry…doh!

So what’s the prize? A lovely handspun yarn from her Etsy Store. You have until April 30th to submit your names to “name that sheep“, so hurry!!!! Get your thinking caps on!

Ahhh Ene, You’re So Pretty!…. (pic heavy post)

What you’ve all been waiting for my Ene is finished! wooohooo and if I may so say, I am pretty proud of myself. Ene is beautiful. I’m in awe. I want to show her off. She blossomed into something so stunning, even Mr Snobs has commented on how beautiful I am she is!

Anyone who is going to start this or thinking about it, don’t be put off by the cast on, don’t give up, it gets a lot easier. The finished results are so rewarding, you will see. Trust me.

Was Ene worth the grunts and groans, major ranting, tantrums and head bashing? I think so. Twist my arm, go on…I could do another, if you would be kind enough to cast on for me? 😉

Finished measurements after blocking 191cm x 96cm

Less than 2 skeins of Dream in Colour Gothic Rose (60gm remaining)

Needles used 4mm and 80cm cable

I’ll let the pictures do the talking 🙂




Ene was quite difficult to photograph to get a true colour of the Smooshy, but the above photo represents the true colour. Um….excuse the bathroom tiles.



Thanks Coley for the encouragement, the giggles, for this wonder book and for Ene.