Tears For Sebbie, Hemlock For Holly….

Today is a bit of a tearful day for me as it’s two years since out beloved family cat Sebbie died. He was 18 years old (human years.) It feels like a member of the family has gone forever. People who do not own any pets may not understand what it feels like to lose a much loved pet. They become part of your life and your family. He was such a special cat. We spent most of our childhood with him and as we all left for college, we saw less of him but he was always there to welcome us home. My father loved him so much. Sebbie was his baby 😦

Some things which make Sebbie so special to us….

* He loved steamed tiger prawns. My parents would steam a few for him as a treat, which we never got to eat! They were just for him.

* He has a second home…the greenhouse. That was his holiday home as he’d loved to sit in the greenhouse and dose off in the warm sunshine. He would take shelter in there when the rain poured down and wait until my parents returned home.

* My father made him a special bed for his holiday home…….a ginormous plant pot 🙂

* He would often follow my parents for a walk round the block, they would exercise, so would he.

* He loved to follow us to school and often, we would have to carry him back home and lock him in the house….which meant we were always late for school.

* His meows were often silent, he would open his mouth to meow and nothing would come out.

* We once found him on the window ledge outside our bedroom, don’t know how he managed to get up there but we had to call the fire brigade to rescue him.

* He was very ill at the age of 10 and the vets said he only had 50/50 chance of survival and suggested we put him to sleep. I made the decision to give him that 50% chance and he came out of that operation to give us a further 8 years of happiness. Vet fees were really really expensive but it was worth every penny.

Sebbie, we miss you so much and you’re always in our thoughts xx

Sorry if you’ve been a bit bored with that but I really miss him so much.


Someone took a liking to it the other night before I had the chance to block it…


Holly was totally flat out under my hemlock.

I did a couple of rows of the feather and fan and jumped onto the scallop edging which I have to say is beautiful. The blanket comes alive when it is blocked, it is so beautiful.




Have you cast on yet?


13 responses to “Tears For Sebbie, Hemlock For Holly….

  • Jen da Purse Ho

    your kitty sounds like he was a wonderful kitty. what a wonderful tribute.

    Curse you, woman. I bought the Ecological wool to make that hemlock! AAAH! 🙂

  • Paula

    I love Sebbie! What great stories–not boring at all. I can just see him on the ledge, in the greenhouse, walking the neighborhood with your parents…awww… Thanks for the wonderful mental pictures!

    That Hemlock sure is gorgeous!!! Lucky Holly!

  • knitandrun

    Those are great stories about your kitty. We had to put my dog to sleep 2 years ago…and I know I still miss him too.

    I had seen the Hemlock before you posted about it…and now I REALLY want to start one too. I think, like you, I might test it out first. Then I will have to search out the yarn (I also want to use the Eco Wool).

  • jammam

    Ah! Hugs for missed kitty, but happy memories are worth having ;o)

    The hemlock is lovely, I’m back working on mine and planning more in aran weight too ;o)

  • belaybunny

    Your cat sounds great, I’d miss him too. I always do when my pets go.

    Hemlock looks fab, I’m looking forward to seeing the yarn you get for the big version!!

  • Octopus Knits

    Sebbie sounds like he was a wonderful cat. Isn’t Holly lucky to have someone to make her a gorgeous little blanket? It’s beautiful! Must… knit… faster!

  • ZhiWen

    Sebbie sounds like one special cat 🙂 I don’t have any pets right now, but will definitely bring a cat into my home when I move into a bigger place.

    Your Hemlock is really lovely! Did you have to make any modifications, since it’s DK yarn instead of the chunky stuff recommended in the pattern?

  • Amanda

    Aw, I had a kitty that I loved like that, too. His name was Woodrow, and I was there when he was born. He was my treasure, and I’ll never have another cat I love as much as him.

    Your Hemlock came out great, and the color is lovely.

  • knittingaddict

    :::::::::HUGS:::::::::: I am so sorry you’re feeling the loss of Sebbie so badly today — anniversaries like this are so painful that I refuse to recall dates such as these. I hope you can feel my hugs across the many, many miles and they are a bit soothing for you, dear friend.

    And that Hemlock — OMG, you can call me Holly , no really! I am Holly and my shipping address is Holly N……

    It’s really stunning, E…Stunning! I cannot believe how much progress your knitting has made, I am SO green with envy, and I have lost so much time that I will never be able to catch you now.

    I hope you’re doing well, and I know I do owe you so many emails I will never catch up with those either — I promise I will try, soon!



  • Lindsey

    Oh, your post about Sebbie was lovely. He sounds very special. It’s just over a year since we had to have our dog put to sleep, so I know how you feel….I’ll always miss him.

    And your Hemlock, as everyone has said, is gorgeous. I hadn’t seen that pattern yet, and am going to bookmark it right now to come back to. Sadly I’ve had no time to knit lately, so not sure when I’ll ever do it….but I want to try!

  • Jocelyne

    I still miss my Tara, and often think about her. She died at the age of 14 and 1/2, in september 2004.
    She LOVED shrimps and prawns too, and my parents used to take more than needed for her to eat, and so did I.
    At 10 years old, she got a cancer, and the vet told me to put her to sleep, and I also said no, and the operation gave her 4.5 further years .
    She has been through everything with me, and meant a lot to me and my 2 daughters. I’m sure she helped a lot, in her own ways…
    Actually, I have 7 cats, but none of them takes her particular place in my heart. They are all different.

  • Kendra

    It sounds like Sebbie had a lovely life.

    Your Hemlock is gorgeous. I want one now! It has made me want to drop my current WIPs and run to the nearest yarn shop.

  • Naomi

    Hugs across the miles!! I totally *get* animal love. Yes, they are animals, but they are family members as well. I am sure Sebbie appreciates your tribute!

    Your Hemlock is lovely! Tempting for sure!

    Hope you are well!!!

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