So Slooooowwww, So Tired….

I was completely zonked out last night. I worked on the tiling and grouting all day. It took absolutely ages. We had to apply it on then polish it off and wipe everything down. I NEVER want to grout or tile again 😦 You see I have a deadline to meet…Friday 10th as I have my sister over for a couple of weeks and want to get it done before she arrives. I hate deadlines but I’m really pushing myself and I’m so tired. Will post pics soon but at the moment, its looking like a real mess. Oh…..the curtains are up too and they look great 🙂

Last night I crashed out and not even the snores of Mr S or the cries of Holly wanting food could wake me…..Nope, I was totally gone. If I had the chance to sleep all day, all week….I would. But before I crashed out and despite my arms feeling like lead and me feeling like a  zombie, I did the 5th repeat of my Hanami stole and its coming along really slooooowwwwww.


I haven’t gotten very far with it have I? I can’t decide whether just to do 6 repeats on it or the full 7 as my yarn is just a little tad short or whether to do less on the other section. I love it and really enjoying it but during times like this,  I do need a brainless knitting pattern. I must knit faster tho.

Lazy days…….life is so wonderful for my Holly? She looks more tired than me!!


Oh and don’t forget, the free shipping is still available on all my yarns in my store.


12 responses to “So Slooooowwww, So Tired….

  • ZhiWen

    Ooh, Hanami is pretty!! Six repeats sounds like enough, the stole will be long enough even if you leave out one repeat. I’m not sure how easy it is to leave out repeats on the other side (with the blossom pattern). Personally, I think that pattern is prettier than the basketweave. But that’s me 🙂
    I’m not sure whether to use beads with mine, as I’ll knit it in laceweight, have never used beads before..

    Hahaha, I was also just writing a post about feeling really, really tired. You seem to have worked a lot harder than me though 😉 I don’t know how much more you have to do before that deadline.. good luck!

    Cats always have a much easier life.. all play and sleep for them 🙂

  • Sarah

    Your Hanami is gorgeous!!!! Sorry you have been so busy…..seems like it is contagious – I can’t see straight it’s been so crazy.

    Hope you are well!!!!

    : )

  • Old Knitter

    What is it about knitters and their cats? We are all the same…..these little buggers snatch our yarn and chew on our needles but we have to have them around.

  • Amanda

    I can’t wait to see the pics of the bathroom.

    The Hanami is beautiful! Enjoy knitting it, it may be slow going, but the effort is worth it – it looks great.

  • Liz aka hobbledehoy

    Holly looks so peaceful! Too bad she couldn’t help out with the tiles! Cats tend to be “unhelpers” rather than little busy bodies.

    I agree with all the other comments- the Hanami is so beautiful! 😀

  • Wannabe

    In my next life I’m coming back as a cat. LOL!

    I love your stole!


  • Jen da Purse Ho

    this is so beautiful!! 🙂

    get some rest 🙂

  • Octopus Knits

    What a lot of work! Holly would help you out, I’m sure, if only she had opposable thumbs. (As it is, just watching you do so much works tires her out completely.)

    I agree, your Hanami is lovely!

  • tuttlium

    I bet all your hard work paid off. Can’t wait to see pics of the finished product! And your Hanami stole is looking gorgeous. I bet six repeats would be fine. As I recall, the finished stole was absurdly long to begin with.

  • Amanda

    I think Holly has the right idea, a nap is so refreshing. 🙂 Your Hanami is so beautiful, I love all the colors in the yarn. I can’t wait to see the results from all your hard work. You will feel so much better when it’s done.

  • CJ

    your hanami is looking gorgeous. I will start one some day!! Hope you’re feeling better rested. I wish I could be like Holly too 😉

  • Naomi

    You are not alone with being busy and tired!

    The hanami looks great!

    Sometimes brainless is just the thing! I agree – gotta learn to knit FASTER! There is just so much yummy yarn like yours to play with!

    Take care!

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