Stoopid, stoopid…..

Thank you all for your well wishes for Miss Holly. Just when we thought we were making progress with her, she deicides she does not want to eat yet again. So, it’s back to the vets where, again, her throat is swollen and more injections and steroids. I’m praying that this time, she will fight it.

OK…Laugh all you like, cos I feel so silly! You know Miss Holly mentioned in my previous post that I felted her Hemlock blanket. I really don’t know what came over me, what was I thinking?  Am I mad? I must be, totally, all that hard work, all those weeks, ALL THOSE STITCHES!!!

Well, you see what happened was this, I took her and her blanket in the cat basket to the vet and she had an accident, well two accidents, so I had to wash it. It’s been washed several times on a cool wash before so I’m totally not sure why I put it on a hot. I blame my lack of sleep, my exhaustion, my stupidity, my washing machine and MYSELF.

Ok….here’s some pictures of it requested by many of you. Don’t be frightened of what it looks like.

Go on…laugh!!

It looks like some weird creature from outer space, some creature that lives at the bottom of the sea!

A rather nice effect, don’t you think?

My first attempt at felting! Normally it’s Mr Snob that felts everything!

and it even has the ability to hold its shape too!

I think I may sew the edges together and make a cushion out of it!! The fun’s over. Now for a sneak preview of a finished project.


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