Blanket Cardigan….

Finished!!!! What a relief it is too, all that seaming…argh was driving me up the wall. My neck, my head, my eyes, the black yarn! Believe it or not, its my first attempt at sleeve seaming. I followed the tips from Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters by Jane Crawford. A nice little book with some very handy tips! I have to say, my second sleeve is much neater than the first.


Sublime Cashmere Silk Merino DK in Black

Needles 4mm

Amount used 12.5 balls

Size M


I added a seed st to the collar as I knew that its going to curl no matter how hard I block it. I’m so kicking myself now as I should have done that on the edges at the start of the sleeve and the body to prevent the curling too…..I’m dumb! I knew in the back of my mind that stocking stitch curls no matter how hard you block it and me being me, just followed the pattern as it is! That’s just me, I very rarely make changes to a pattern and I know that as an experienced knitter (can I call myself that? or should I call myself that?) I should have made changes.

Now after blocking it again, the edges still curl. I guess I will have to sew some grosgrain onto all the edges. So my advice….if you’re planning to start one, add some seed st before you start the stocking stitch. Makes less sewing !


I’m really pleased with this cardigan (apart from them damn curls.) It’s a perfect fit, with a lovely drape. The yarn is lovely to work with but I did find that the dye did rub off onto my fingers a little but thats to be expected from dark yarns…I keep saying to myself. Guess who I found sitting on top of the pieces each time I blocked……Ms Holly AGAIN and this time, she managed to catch a few sts with her nails!!! Shriek! Horror! Naughty Cat!  Somehow, no matter where I block, she finds my knitting and Mr Snobs is no help, he leaves the door open for her!! Yeah..mummy just finished her knitting, go and put your mark on it! I feel like picking Ms Holly up when she does her pee and putting her on his lap…..there Holly, go put your mark on him! MEN!


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