Quiet Weekend…..

Just a quiet weekend in with migraine 😦 Seems I have been getting them quite frequently and it lasted all through the weekend….ugh!!

Apart from that, I spent the weekend looking and deciding upon curtains. I bought five sets just before the weekend…yes five and so have narrowed it down to just three sets, plain, stripey and patterned.


Then we narrowed it down to two….the stripey and patterned and because you’ve all been following the progress of my kitchen/diner, I ask you all if I’ve made the right choice? You think so? Gilbey thinks so 🙂


…….and a few skeins of yarn dyed during the weekend too for my Store…..hope it’s not the dyeing thats causing the migraines????

golden-explosion-laceweight-2.jpgGolden Explosion (makes up for the gloomy weather we are having)

blue-denim-jeans.jpgBlue Denim Jeans

bed-of-roses-2.jpgBed Of Roses

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!


11 responses to “Quiet Weekend…..

  • ZhiWen

    I think you have made the right choice. The stripey ones were a bit too intense? The turquoise part of them anyway 😉 These are definitely the prettiest.

    Hmm, maybe the chemical dyeing fumes are a bit too much?

  • Amanda

    I think that you made the right choice. How could I have any doubts when you are so good with colors? 😉 I hope the migraines aren’t related to the dye. That would make it difficult enjoy the process.

  • Octopus Knits

    Sorry about the migraine! I think your curtain choice is lovely. The striped ones were gorgeous, but a bit too formal for the kitchen. Make sure you have good ventilation when you’re dyeing. Your yarn is always so beautiful, but you don’t want to put your health at risk.

  • Amanda

    I like the patterned curtains…

    It is important to ventilate when you’re dyeing. Also, wear a particle mask, as the dyes can be caustic when inhaled. If it’s nice enough, try to dye outside whenever possible.

  • CJ

    very nice curains. hope your migraine has gone now, I know how yucky they are!! Lovely stuff for your shop too. 😉 I always wear a dust mask too when I’m doing stuff, and in the garden as well.

  • Sarah

    Absolutely! Love the patterns. Oh, and the recent additions to the etsy shop are LOVELY!

    Get better!!!

  • Paula

    Ugggg, migraine headaches! Not fun at all! Hope you are doing better now. Love the curtains–tres chic!

  • LaVerna

    Gorgeous curtains!That is the exact color scheme of my bedroom.I love it .It is so calming and warm.
    Lots of magnesium to help get over the migraine.I used to have them myself.
    Dashing over to check out your etsy shop.Now!
    Thanks for the comments on my blog!

  • daisie

    I love those colours and I think you made the right choice. You could knit yourself some dishcloths in matching colours too!

    You must be careful with the dyes. Do you find you have a taste in your mouth when/after you have been dyeing? It’s been said but mask up, wear gloves, I’d have a shower straight after too, but maybe I’m paranoid!

  • Naomi

    Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about migraines! I experience them from time to time as well. I hope you are feeling better!

    Your work looks lovely! I cannot wait to experience some first-hand.

    Take good care!

  • Liz aka hobbledehoy

    Migraines bite! I hope they don’t come back evah! Or, at least not for a few years :/

    You picked such lovely curtains!

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