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Finished, Blocked And Wrapped

Its blocked, wrapped and ready to be delivered to sisters mother in law.

Modelled by my sister as she’s crap with the camera.

Hope she likes it 🙂

How many ways are there to wear this?




….guess what sister said?? Don’t ask!! 😦


Hey….Over Here

There’s a competition being held on my friends blog for a chance to win a skein of hand dyed sock yarn, dyed by me!!! Eeeekkk!!!

Go check out her blog Emeraldcutie leave a comment… simple is that?

Oh…and I’m not entering 😦 now that would be silly wouldn’t it?

Don’t you just love competitions?

The Snoring Godfather

Another post??..yes. I just have to tell you all about this.

Mr S has become a godfather (yes …not a father but a god father) to his friends little girl who came into the world a few days ago weighing in at 7lbs 13oz. We haven’t been to see her yet but mother and baby are doing well. They have named her Summer….oh how sweet.

Well….celebration was in order so both went out for a long drinking session and I mean long and heavy. Both came home quite late in the early hours of the morning, really really drunk. I was woken up at around 5am to what appears to be the sound of two donkeys  eee…ooorrring….and in unision!!!!! Both really giving it all they got. Can you imagine the noise!!!

His friend was sleeping in the living room and it sounded as if they were competeing with each other!!! EEEEE  OOORRRRR EEEEE OOORRRR…it was so loud!!! I tried to wake Mr S up but wouldn’t budge, nudged him, slapped him, pinched him, slapped him again but no….nothing would wake him. So I gave him one big push so he’d roll over….but god…he kept on rolling and rolled right out of bed onto the floor!!! Did I pick him up?? NO,  I left him but the snoring did stop…for a while….sigh!!! Woke up the next morning, still on the floor but had a big bruise on his elbow. “Did I sleep on the floor last night?” “em….yeah you did darling.”

SSShhhhhh Ok…..don’t tell him what I did!! 🙂

Oh No..Not Another FCS…

I’m afraid so and I SWEAR..this is going to be the last one for a long while and I do mean it. Its for my sisters mother in law, who thinks she’s getting it around christmas time but I’m going to surprise her and present it to her at work along with some chocolates…hee hee.


Not the best looking photo of it but I want to all to support those people who have started and given up on this or about to start. These ladies are: Kathy , Paula and  Daise ….have I forgotten anyone else?? Please don’t give up, give them all your support 🙂

Oh and one more thing, please also support my dear dear friend The Plucky Knitter and also, Hobbledehoy both are indie yarn artists, both are unique in every way with their own individual distinctive colours and styles…go check them out.

My Little Yarn Store…

… now open. I want to share my love of dyeing yarns with you and so have set up my little store.

 The Yarn Snobclick to enter

Firstly ~ and most importantly, I want to thank EVERYONE who has encouraged me, guided me and commented on how lovely my dyed yarns are. This has meant so so much to me. Without you all, I would have never embarked on this venture…..Mmmmmmwah!!!! to you all, I love you.

Secondly ~ I am currently waiting for some yarn to arrive, so if the shop seems a little “empty” at this time and during the forthcoming weeks, you know why.

Finally ~ I hope you love the yarns as much as I have loved dyeing them.

Mr S is currently helping me reskein the yarns, so tell me if he’s doing his job properly 🙂


Oh…..and I am shit nervous too!!!! LOL Wish Me Luck!

Which Way Do You Prefer?

Hot Out Of The Pot?



Or Reskeined?


Your views please on how you like to receive your yarns……ta very muchy!!

Mr S is making me a HUGE swift to help me reskein yarns. I think he’s getting dizzy watching me dancing around two dining chairs!!!

Little Moo Moos

moo cards

These are the cutest cards I have ever seen. They’re Little Moo cards which I had printed recently, quite small, half the size of a business card. The fun thing about it is that you can upload as many of your pics onto one side of the card and your details on the other. How fun!!!