Yoo Hoo….I’m Still Here

Just a quick hello,

Yes….well., emmmm I am still around, just haven’t been blogging as often as normal, smacky botty!!!

Well, not much has been happening. I’ve been trying to get more of my Hanami Stole done, 4 repeats of the basketweave section done now but most of the time was spent frogging back a few rows cos I kept getting intterupted and forgetting my YO.

Curtains are up in the dining room along with the marine blue tiles and the extractor has arrived so we’ll be putting that up very soon. I’m very excited but wanting desperately to finish it very soon as its taken months.

Last night we all went out to a comedy club in the town. There were three acts on that night. Now I don’t have a strong northern accent and some of the geordie slang is like a foreign language to me. I think I was the only person that had a straight face in the house. I just couldn’t understand the slang!!! The next act was even worse..he had a Scottish accent and that was just mind boggling…….I just blanked out. The third act had a guitar and was singing so fast, I could only catch certain words. Ahem…well. I just laughed at myself 🙂

No pics on this post today, sorry. I don’t like blogging without pics but just this once ok? 🙂


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