Meet Gilbey….

Hi… name is Gilbey


and I sit with Snobs whilst she reads all her fellow knitters blogs.  She has a cup of coffee in her favourite cup beside her every morning whilst she replies to her emails and blogs. She often talks to me (silly woman) and makes me look at all your blogs. Sometimes she squeals when she sees something she likes and often she is ooohing or aaahhhing at something. This happens almost everyday as far as I can remember. But today it’s my blog day 🙂


Now a little bit about myself. I am 7 years old and  I am one of a limited edition of 2 bears created by Cloth Ears. I don’t know where my other half has gone but I am sure she’s gone to a good home. I have the most enormous feet for a bear made from suede and I have a stubble around my mouth 🙂 and a bit of a big belly and rather long arms and floppy ears. I have the cutest brown nose and darkest of eyes.


I think I am rather handsome myself, don’t you think? My hair is a bit windswept today but I think it makes me look cool and the stubble is the “in thing” this season,  looks trendy? I would love Snobs to knit me a jumper one day as I look at bit naked or maybe a scarf. I must have words with her. I have been naked for 7 years now!!!!!

Well…..its been very nice meeting you all and reading your blogs and Snobs will be back ooohhing and aaahhing again very soon. I’m off for a teddy bears picnic down at the park!!


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