Really, I’m Not Hiding……

Hello 2011 and Hello to you all. Here’s wishing you all a wonderful new year. It’s been almost a year since I lasted posted on the blog, I’m sorry. Life got in the way, it’s no excuse so I hope I am forgiven.

To be honest, I lost interest in blogging. There were days when I just didn’t know what to write about, days when I’d write up a post, then have second thoughts about publishing it. I do feel bad, I know there were many of you posting comments and hoping and wishing I’d write up a next one. My readers deserve better, much better,

So…’s 2011, a new year a new start, where shall I begin? Knitting, of course. I do have lots to show you….lots, oh yes.

Vinterblomster………………One Became Two

This is probably my longest wip. I casted on in January 2010 and finally finished them in December 2010.  We had the coldest winter for years, with heavy heavy snow and ice. It was the bitter bitter cold mornings that slapped me in the face, a wake up call to finish these mittens and I am so happy I did. They were a pleasure to knit, watching the mitten form, row after row, the pattern, the flowers, the petals. I really don’t know why it’s taken me so long!

I couldn’t resist these cute knitted dolls. I started one and I ended up making 6!! Gifted 2 to friends and one, Miles is waiting for his eyes and cheeks so he’s not in the photos.

Dolls are from Huggable Friends 2 booklet a collections of knitted dolls which include: Ella, Finn, Abbey, Kate, Mike and Miles. A delight to knit, a delight to stuff and a delight to hug!

I wanted to knit Rosamund for a while now, ever since the pattern came out back in 2009.

I love the braided cables on the edging of the cardigan how they then twist and twine onto the funnel shaped collar. I wear it opened under a long sleeved t shirt, only because I can’t find those buttons…….which I placed on top for the photoshoot!

A feast for your eyes but there is more to be revealed…….later my friends 🙂



One mitten……Vinterblomster

One word……


Your Cell Phone? BLACKBERRY 

Your Hair? MESS

Your Mother? LOVE


Your Favorite Food? JAPANESE

Your Dream Last Night? DISTURBING

Your Favorite Drink? JASMINE

Your Dream/Goal? WEALTH

What Room Are You In? STUDIO

Your Hobby? KNITTING

Your Fear? POVERTY

Where Do You See Yourself In 6 Years? RETIRED 

Where Were You Last Night? BED

Something That You Aren’t? SELFISH


Wish List Item? PROPERTIES

Where Did You Grow Up? BRITAIN

Last Thing You Did? KNIT

What Are You Wearing? FLEECY


Your Pets? HEAVEN


Your Life? CRAZY

Your Mood? TEARFUL

Missing Someone? IMMENSLEY

Vehicle? HONDA

Something You Aren’t Wearing? SLIPPERS

Your Favourite Store? GUCCI

Your Favourite Colour? BURGUNDY

When Was The Last Time You Laughed? MONDAY

Last Time You Cried? OCTOBER

Your Best Friend? HUSBAND

One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? ROME

Facebook? MAYBE

Favourite Place To Eat? ST SUSHI


Strut My Stuff…..

Christmas and New Year came and went, friends stayed over, confrontations, agruments, hissy fits and tantrums, nothing to do with us by the way…..and so they left a few days early and all was quiet, just me and Mr Snobs and some time to ourselves. Food, plenty, too much actually, enough to feed the neighbourhood. Don’t know quite how I came about making 15 dishes to feed 9. Next year, I swear I’m eating out.

Despite the events of the festive season, I did get a lot of knitting done . What happened? Seven, yes seven projects, completed, two were gifted but they count , don’t they?

I buried my head into my knitting since my last post, it’s been a marathon of knitting, non stop, one after another. It felt like a race, I was competing with someone, but who? Myself.  No sooner I cast off one projects it’s on with another. I blame the weather, dull, miserable, wintery, freezing temperatures. I feel miserable this time of year, dark mornings and gloomy days, so it was head down into what I love most. I guess I wanted to take my mind off things, you know.

Ok…lets get down to some business then, enough of being a miserable old fart. I’m going to strut my stuff….you all ready now, sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.


Burberry Inspired Cowl Knitted with less than 2 skeins of Rowan Cocoon.  6mm needle.

Very warm, very stylish and at a fraction of the price of the original Burberry Cowl. Requires a knowledge of kitchener stitch, something I’d forgotton how to do, you either love it or hate it.

I took it for it’s catwalk debut just before Christmas and it was literally whipped of my neck. My girlfriends wanted to try it on, it was passed around, it came off my neck several times, did a walkabout somewhere, and I wasn’t happy. Not because my lovely cowl disappeared, I did get it back eventually but because it was on my neck, then off my neck, my bloody hair became static!! YES STATIC! It had a mind of its own and it was everywhere! I could’t control it. So that now became the focal point amongst my girlfriends….bitches!

Anyway, I made another two of these for my girlfriends both using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky, one purple and one black 5mm needles. Each knitted up in just over 5 hours, a quickie project.

By this time, kitchener stitch became a doddle. it got neater and less visible. I think it’s payback time with their hair 🙂

Next up…is another Cabled Cowl. This one’s for me, me, me, me.

Not quite so please with this little number. Rowan Kid Classic 3.3 skeins 5.5mm needle.

Cast on 168st (42st repeat) The extra 4 stitches at the checkered pattern section.
13 rows of rib instead of 9 rows, top and bottom.
Blocked measurements: 16” height 41” circumference.

I’m not convinced I love this as much as I do with the first one. Wrong choice of yarn, don’t get me wrong, the yarn is lovely to knit with but maybe not for this project. Maybe the halo effect is not suited, maybe the weight of yarn, maybe the colour. Maybe I need to knit another using Rowan Pure Aran, maybe……..

Eternity Scarf a cute little number, very in season, they are everywhere.

If you haven’t added something like this to your wardrobe, then take my advice, do so. Eternity style scarves are HOT!

Madelinetosh Worsted Oxblood 5.5mm needle. Only did  14 rows instead of 20 for the stockinette stitch. I love how it curls. I’ve been wearing this doubled up but can be worn in a loop hanging down, ribbed side up or curled side up, whichever takes your fancy!

And Finally…..16 Sixteen Cable Hat or Fez Head as I call it.

Very similar to my Cabled Beret with less slouch. Knitted size 2 with no slouch. Love this hat, love the yarn too. The pattern even has tips for avoiding the holes that you get when you knit cables.

Debbie Bliss Fez  1.8 skeins 4 mm & needle (a blend of Merino and Camel) and oh so lovely. I’m very impressed with this yarn. No knots in either balls and I had used this yarn to cast on and rip back a project about 5 times, and still, it didn’t felt or fuzz up. Stitch and cable definitions are really impressive too. Another quickie project to add to your list.

Well…lovely readers, I hope you have all enjoyed this catwalk show of all my latest knits and hope you have gathered some inspiration from them too and thank you for taking your time in reading, think it’s time for a cuppa and to get those needles out again 🙂 xx

Cracking Christmas!

I’d like to take this wonderful moment and thank everyone for their support. This year has been filled with happiness and sadness and without your kind words of comfort, your inspirations, your comments and just for being there, reading my blog………has helped me tremendously.

May I wish you all a Merry, merry Christmas that’s filled with joy, laughter and love (and knitting , of course!)  and a Wonderful New Year! Xxx

For Eve…..Grey Cables

This cowl is going to be very very hard to let go. Mmmm, not so sure I want to gift it to her to be honest…..selfish knitter 🙂 It’s for my sister Eve’s  birthday in January. At least I have a month to go until I have to gift it but in the meantime I have it all to myself, yes, all……to…….my…….self.

The cowl is from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2009. I saw this and HAD to make it. She saw it and HAD to have it. I want please!

Rowan Wool Aran 2.3 skeins, Charcoal  Needles 5.5mm. I didn’t go down a needle size for the rib just because, I wanted it to be rather stretchy. She wants to wear it over her shoulders. Imagine this wrapped over your shoulders and your arms not being able to move because it’s too tight!

Normally I’d use a long tail cast on and often, it’s not quite as stretchy as I’d like it to be. So I used the cable cast on and wow……this really stretches. Knitted to exactly as the pattern and measurements but I used a p2tog, slip st back to left needle, repeat, to cast off.

You can wear it wrapped round your neck like a cowl……

Over your shoulders for a touch of glam and chic…..

Like a snood, the very “in season” item to have in your wardrobe at the moment…..

Over one shoulder for a sexy look……

Very warm, very snug, very chic……go knit one.

Now you know I used to knit two of everything and I said I’d stop that, this one is an exception, I MUST knit one for me, me, me, me. Cast on mine last night and I’m not 100% sure I have chosen the right yarn, we’ll see.

Man Gloves…..

Not long after I first started knitting almost 3 years ago now, my DH requested a pair of gloves. He pestered and pestered for a pair of gloves and so he got.

Knitting a pair of gloves for the first time was very daunting, those fingers, the construction etc. Never knew about knitting in the round and seaming all those fingers felt like a chore. Needless to say, I did find them fun to do, (except for the fingers) well at the time, that is.

He was so chuffed with them, he wore them out on the cold winter evenings. However, the gloves did not last a week of wear. He came home with them, fingers missing on each glove, dangling from their ends, holes everywhere, yarn ends from each finger, stitches unravelled.

I’m not exactly sure how they became like this, he said, they completely fell apart, into pieces. Yeah right!

That was 3 years ago now and ever since then, he’s been asking for a pair of gloves for Christmas. So that’s what he’s got.

Dream In Colour Smooshy : Cocoa Kiss, needles 2.5mm

These gloves are based from the Knotty pattern, but without the cables. (I so wanted to do but men don’t wear cable gloves he said…….says who?)

I doubled the cuff too, just to make them extra squishy, knitted the rib 12 cms, folded it over then picked up the cast on stitches. Continued in stocking stitch for 12 rounds before starting the increase and following the pattern and using the magic loop method for those fingers instead of knitting them flat. Um, yes, I did knit the first ever pair flat.

I hated them fingers  but the man loves his new gloves! Yes, he really does.

How do you take photos of gloves and make them look interesting? They’re funny things….Gloves!

Let’s hope they last longer than the first pair…..they’d better!

Veyla, Kat & Evangeline…..

See….I did mention I’d got back into the swing of things. I’ve been knitting non stop. I’ve been like a knitting machine, churning out one project after another. I’m buzzing, I’m on a roll!

Pattern Veyla from Whimsicle Knits 2. A lovely elegance pair of fingerless mitts. Very simple straight forward pattern. I blocked the lace before continuing with the pattern.

Yarn used: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid : Colour Slate Needles 3.25mm

It’s a strange colour, kind of gray, then it looks teal and other times its green. I found these cute little buttons in my department store, almost exact in colour as the yarn. I didn’t want them to take the eye away too much from the lace. They look slightly green in the photo though but they have a lovely marble effect.

Next, is my lovely Kat by Kim Hargreaves from the beautiful Precious I love the patterns from this book, very elegant and beautifully photographed.

Again, knitted in the round by omitting the first of every round and reversing the sts of every even round. I left out a couple rounds so it’s less slouchy….I learned not to knit hats that are too slouchy.

Rowan Kid Classic in Peat colourway. I have to say I am really inpressed with this yarn. Its lovely to knit with and feels so so soft. It’s becoming one of my favourite Rowan yarns.

Needle size 3.75mm for the rim and 4.5mm for the body. I did fear it would come out huge but it fits just perfect.

Now I just have to knit another, really I do.

Last, there’s Evangeline, fingerless cable mitts for my sister.

…using some left over Rowan Aran Wool. Should have made them a bit longer though. Oh well….hope she likes them.