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Another wheel? Um….blushes I’m afraid so. I know, I think it’s crazy, I’m crazy. It’s an addiction.

I brought a Lendrum, the one where you have to wait months and months, the one where there is a waiting list, the one where there is only one dealer in UK. Although I have to admit, I am very very lucky, ONE WEEK was all I had to wait. My heart goes out for those who had to wait 9 months for their wheel. It’s a terribly long time to wait for something. I’m sorry.


She spin’s wonderfully and smells divine. The maple wood gives off a beautiful scent. It’s becoming a habit to sniff her every so often. Holly joins me in our morning sniff, we’re mad! We then sniff the Suzi, it’s our new routine!

It doesn’t spin quite as smooth as my Suzi but she does spin well, quiet and smooth and damn sexy too!

She was my first love, the wheel I lusted after when I wanted a spinning wheel but wasn’t prepared for the long wait. Now I have her and my Suzi, my heart is content, very content. They are both beautifully made and a joy to spin.

Now I must have another sniff.


Silky Textured Shawl…..

Textured Shawl Recipe, Malabrigo Silk Merino ~ 3 skeins ~ Cape Cod~ 5.5mm needles.

shawl 3

CO 5sts, knit 2 rows.
I followed the increase pattern until I got 35st.

Textured pattern, I had one extra st before the centre st which I knitted, M1L, slm, k centre st, slm, M1R, K1 then continued with the pattern.
Wrong side, K2, purl to last 2 sts, K2.

16 rows in st st
16 rows in textured pattern
16 rows in st st
14 rows in textured pattern
16 rows in st st
12 rows in textured pattern
12 rows in st st
12 rows in textured pattern
22 rows in garter st

If you cast off tightly, I would suggest you go up a needle size.

shawl 2

Twilight handspun Shetland 2 ply, purchased at the Spinning Guiild at the weekend. Approx 220yrds…what weight? No idea, maybe sports weight. Shetland is so lovely to spin, its not the softess of fibers but is a great fiber for a newbie.

Picnik twilight

On the bobbin right now is a batt of BFL that I dyed almost to a semi solid lilac, really intense in colour and so hard to photograph. Im spinning this as fine as I can get it, then will dye up another batt in maybe a variegated colour and ply them both, see what interesting handspun I can come up with! I want yardage, plenty yardage so I can knit it up into something.

Picnik collage

Spinning is addictive, is an obsession, I can’t get enough of it! I must knit it up though…….Have I knitted anything with them?, Um, well. no but I will.

Lucky Winner & A Surprise….

OH MY!!! You are an interesting lot! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all your wonderful comments. You’ve all been so busy with lots of projects, some of you have several on the go, whilst some have just one, like me. You are a creative bunch too with some wonderful names for the handspun, very interesting.

Right…lets get down to business. I have a surprise for all my wonderful readers.

Picnik collage2

Weilangta Forest by The Thylacine 100% Cheviot approx 103yrds 94gms

Whilst you’ve been commenting on my blog, of course I’ve been spinning and guess what? This will be awarded to the second random number drawn out! OH YES, two chances to win! Doesn’t that make you squeal with joy? Woooohooo!  Just my way of saying  THANK YOU to all who have taken time to read and post a comment. You are all so wonderful!

OK…..quit the babbling, you ready…lets go! Good luck everyone.

The first number from my random number generator is  9…….Mary Ellen.

1st a

The 2nd number is 58……TJ


Congratulations and sorry to those whose number didn’t get chosen. Winners, please contact me to claim your handspuns!! This has be so fun!!! I think I’ll do another competition again someday, so please, drop by again!

Simple Contest……

Come to think of it, when was the last time I had a contest, a give away? A long time ago, thats when…….A skein of yarn, spun by me, on my Majacraft Suzi Pro, washed, twirled, twanged and whacked from this:


to this:



Dyed by FeltStudioUK  BFL approx 90gms 128yrds 13wpi

……….can be yours. So what do you have to do to win this? Well…’s simple, leave a comment, tell me something, your favoutite things, the size of your feet,  what’s in your handbag, what you’re knitting/crocheting, an embarassing moment,  what brings you to my blog, likes and dislikes, inspirations, what would you knit with this yarn, or maybe you can give a name to this handspun……anything!!! Simple!!….easy peasy lemon squeezy!

One lucky winner will be chosen using the Random Number Generator.  Last date for your comments will be Sunday 10th May and at 10pm BST when I will announce the winner. So post a comment!

Bad Spin, Good Spin….

Now when is that Yarnsnob going to show us some spinning I hear you all cry? Ok Ok…here goes……my first attempts, which I trashed but dug out of the bin so I can remember how crap I was! Art yarn maybe? Look closely….there are coils and plenty of them! See the twists? YAY! YARN!


It does get slightly better, really it does…..look this IS Art Yarn


…..and better still……there’s a bit of normal plying here


and navajo plying here……


a spin kept as singles…..


and…….Look SUCCESS! I did it! I’m having a real blast with my new toy……is this addictive or what!


Note to myself… can’t spin merino yet, so avoid until you can.

New Addition…..

There’s a new addition in the snob household. It’s not the meows of a kitten nor is it the cries of a baby. It’s not the sound of an engine of a new car either. So what is it??? Well…. she’s green, smooth, curvy, solid, sexy and very HOT HOT HOT! She’s my new toy…….

Majacraft Suzi Pro. A spinning wheel, gifted to me by my darling Mr Snobs as my birthday present. Awww isn’t she a beauty? (can you see Holly?)


For weeks I had been reading reviews on wheels and finally set my heart on the Lendrum DT but having to wait weeks, maybe months for one? No No. I want a wheel and I want it now. Woke up one morning, called a dealer in the UK and luckily she had one in stock. Ordered Tuesday arrived Friday. Now that’s fast!


I’ve been having so much fun with her. Not quite a pro yet but I’m getting there! I spun coils and lots of them, thick and thin and a bin full of scraps. Soon, I shall spin something that resembles yarn! Practice, practice, practice.

Something Beautiful…..

…..lovely handspun yarns from Sheknitgans aka Coley, Take a look at her beautiful spun yarns.


Raspberry Mocha, a beautiful combination of brown and raspberry coloured merino, wonderfully spun into something so soft and divine. I could not resist.


A lovely gift from a wonderful friend Sheknitigans – Knitted Gifts, Scarf Style and handspun yarn from her collection.


Two “must have it” books for your collection : Knitted Gifts and Scarf Style. We’re both working on the Ene scarf from one of the books, a soul sucker project as she has named it and she’s right about that!  It’s taken the life and soul out of me, cast on 375sts……..3 times. That’s 375+375+375= Don’t tell me, I can’t add up. Third time lucky though as I finally got going lol.

More on that later.


Motlen Lava – a mix of grey and purple with a hint of  sparkle! Lovely!

Check out her store for more yummy handspun yarns.