For Eve…..Grey Cables

This cowl is going to be very very hard to let go. Mmmm, not so sure I want to gift it to her to be honest…..selfish knitter 🙂 It’s for my sister Eve’s  birthday in January. At least I have a month to go until I have to gift it but in the meantime I have it all to myself, yes, all……to…….my…….self.

The cowl is from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2009. I saw this and HAD to make it. She saw it and HAD to have it. I want please!

Rowan Wool Aran 2.3 skeins, Charcoal  Needles 5.5mm. I didn’t go down a needle size for the rib just because, I wanted it to be rather stretchy. She wants to wear it over her shoulders. Imagine this wrapped over your shoulders and your arms not being able to move because it’s too tight!

Normally I’d use a long tail cast on and often, it’s not quite as stretchy as I’d like it to be. So I used the cable cast on and wow……this really stretches. Knitted to exactly as the pattern and measurements but I used a p2tog, slip st back to left needle, repeat, to cast off.

You can wear it wrapped round your neck like a cowl……

Over your shoulders for a touch of glam and chic…..

Like a snood, the very “in season” item to have in your wardrobe at the moment…..

Over one shoulder for a sexy look……

Very warm, very snug, very chic……go knit one.

Now you know I used to knit two of everything and I said I’d stop that, this one is an exception, I MUST knit one for me, me, me, me. Cast on mine last night and I’m not 100% sure I have chosen the right yarn, we’ll see.


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