Man Gloves…..

Not long after I first started knitting almost 3 years ago now, my DH requested a pair of gloves. He pestered and pestered for a pair of gloves and so he got.

Knitting a pair of gloves for the first time was very daunting, those fingers, the construction etc. Never knew about knitting in the round and seaming all those fingers felt like a chore. Needless to say, I did find them fun to do, (except for the fingers) well at the time, that is.

He was so chuffed with them, he wore them out on the cold winter evenings. However, the gloves did not last a week of wear. He came home with them, fingers missing on each glove, dangling from their ends, holes everywhere, yarn ends from each finger, stitches unravelled.

I’m not exactly sure how they became like this, he said, they completely fell apart, into pieces. Yeah right!

That was 3 years ago now and ever since then, he’s been asking for a pair of gloves for Christmas. So that’s what he’s got.

Dream In Colour Smooshy : Cocoa Kiss, needles 2.5mm

These gloves are based from the Knotty pattern, but without the cables. (I so wanted to do but men don’t wear cable gloves he said…….says who?)

I doubled the cuff too, just to make them extra squishy, knitted the rib 12 cms, folded it over then picked up the cast on stitches. Continued in stocking stitch for 12 rounds before starting the increase and following the pattern and using the magic loop method for those fingers instead of knitting them flat. Um, yes, I did knit the first ever pair flat.

I hated them fingers  but the man loves his new gloves! Yes, he really does.

How do you take photos of gloves and make them look interesting? They’re funny things….Gloves!

Let’s hope they last longer than the first pair…..they’d better!


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