Veyla, Kat & Evangeline…..

See….I did mention I’d got back into the swing of things. I’ve been knitting non stop. I’ve been like a knitting machine, churning out one project after another. I’m buzzing, I’m on a roll!

Pattern Veyla from Whimsicle Knits 2. A lovely elegance pair of fingerless mitts. Very simple straight forward pattern. I blocked the lace before continuing with the pattern.

Yarn used: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid : Colour Slate Needles 3.25mm

It’s a strange colour, kind of gray, then it looks teal and other times its green. I found these cute little buttons in my department store, almost exact in colour as the yarn. I didn’t want them to take the eye away too much from the lace. They look slightly green in the photo though but they have a lovely marble effect.

Next, is my lovely Kat by Kim Hargreaves from the beautiful Precious I love the patterns from this book, very elegant and beautifully photographed.

Again, knitted in the round by omitting the first of every round and reversing the sts of every even round. I left out a couple rounds so it’s less slouchy….I learned not to knit hats that are too slouchy.

Rowan Kid Classic in Peat colourway. I have to say I am really inpressed with this yarn. Its lovely to knit with and feels so so soft. It’s becoming one of my favourite Rowan yarns.

Needle size 3.75mm for the rim and 4.5mm for the body. I did fear it would come out huge but it fits just perfect.

Now I just have to knit another, really I do.

Last, there’s Evangeline, fingerless cable mitts for my sister.

…using some left over Rowan Aran Wool. Should have made them a bit longer though. Oh well….hope she likes them.


16 responses to “Veyla, Kat & Evangeline…..

  • Myriam

    Wouah!!!!!!!!!!!! Joli! Joli! J’aime!! Bravo!

  • jane

    Very happy to see you back again and it looks like you have been going full speed ahead on the knitting! Gorgeous projects and beautifully photographed as ever.
    I think Kat is my favourite out of those – I really must try Kid Classic, I’d always dismissed it as maybe not being very practical, but I keep seeing lovely things knitted from it popping up all over blogland, and everyone seems to love it… and Rowan colours are so good.
    Such lovely knitting – and your nail polish is lovely too!
    PS – have you seen the new Kim Hargreaves book is up on her website? So beautiful!

  • villapeikko

    and it feels great, doesn’t it! I love the feeling when I could knit knit knit 🙂

  • villapeikko

    and of course, your knits are beautiful!

  • Renee

    Beautiful knits!! Evangeline is one of my favourite gift knits and your Kat is gorgeous! Love Rowan Kid Classic.
    You are on a great roll… 🙂

  • theresa/ t does wool

    everything is so lovely!!
    so wonderfully lovely…and she’ll adore the mitts…
    and kid classic…yes…it is the best! xoxo

  • angelknits

    Love it! It’s so beautiful!!

  • carol

    these are beautiful! and the photography is beautiful!!

  • Emilee

    I love Veyla! They’re definitely on my list.

  • Pat

    I am glad that you are knitting again. Love all the projects 🙂

  • Via Molevana

    All this is absolutely marvellous !
    I wish I could knit all day too !! 😉

    Cheers from France !

  • casa

    Great! you come back!!!
    oh I see the comment of my friend via molevana just above! I know her in real, you should come to toulouse to meet her too! ; )
    I ask for technical problem… You mean that if I don’t knit the first stitch of the round that will be ok with the circular needles, and then I will not knit a spiral but rounds????
    I’m really interested so… 😉
    And I put a message on my blog, cause I negociate with the french yarn society called “Bouton d’or”. To make a conquest. If you come on my blog, you only have to let a comment on the concerned post (clic on the english flag on the right for the translation), to help you, you have to look at their site to tell what you like or not, to tell if you knit or not, things about knitting in fact and at the end, you have to choose which gifts you’d like to win (in the autumn/winter catalogue and in the accessories catalogue)! that’s all! ; )



  • Brianna

    Oh my, I LOVE the first set of hand warmer gloves. Those are classic, vintage & modern all at the same time. I dig ’em sista!

  • Su

    Welcome back! 🙂 Wow…. very beautiful knits! I especially love the Veyla fingerless gloves.

  • Linda

    Looooove all your knits! I want those nails too, they are fab!

  • Stacey

    I love your knits, and your photographs, they seem mysterious and make me want to see more:) Gorgeous! I love the evangeline pattern a lot!

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