Cabled Beret….Reworked

It’s taken me over a month to get back into knitting, When Holly died, I couldn’t think of anything else except her. I couldn’t focus on the things I loved to do.

A month on, I finally decided to pick myself up and get back into the swing of things. Although spinning has taken a back seat, my knitting is coming along and the sound of my needles are clicking again.

I wanted to reknit this cabled beret for a while now. Each time I wore it, it would fall pass my eyes… other words, it was way too big even for my huge head.

Modelled on my sister, it’s a much better fit. I’m really pleased with it, very snug and warm.

Why on earth would one want to knit a hat flat?  Knitted in the round but omitting the first st of every round and missing a few rows here and there, the hat came out just perfect.

Using smaller needles 3.25mm for the rim and 4.5mm for the body. I love how the cables knitted up and the hat is not too slouchy like before. DH called it my rasta hat look.

There’s been a fight over who’s turn it is to wear it!

ooopss …as resquested from the Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine Fall/Winter 2008.


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