Another wheel? Um….blushes I’m afraid so. I know, I think it’s crazy, I’m crazy. It’s an addiction.

I brought a Lendrum, the one where you have to wait months and months, the one where there is a waiting list, the one where there is only one dealer in UK. Although I have to admit, I am very very lucky, ONE WEEK was all I had to wait. My heart goes out for those who had to wait 9 months for their wheel. It’s a terribly long time to wait for something. I’m sorry.


She spin’s wonderfully and smells divine. The maple wood gives off a beautiful scent. It’s becoming a habit to sniff her every so often. Holly joins me in our morning sniff, we’re mad! We then sniff the Suzi, it’s our new routine!

It doesn’t spin quite as smooth as my Suzi but she does spin well, quiet and smooth and damn sexy too!

She was my first love, the wheel I lusted after when I wanted a spinning wheel but wasn’t prepared for the long wait. Now I have her and my Suzi, my heart is content, very content. They are both beautifully made and a joy to spin.

Now I must have another sniff.


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