Peonies are my all time favourite flowers. I love watching the lollipops,  little lollipops, big lollipops, waiting for them to burst into big, bold and beautiful flowers. I have five varieties in my small patio, Sarah Bernheart, a beautiful pale pink, Rubis Plena, a red, magenta colour, a deep almost blood like peony, which I can’t recall the name of, a lipstick red peony and a deep pink one which is an early bloomer.

The wait begins.

peony buds

Rubis Plena

……and waiting…..


Sarah Bernheart

and patiently waiting……every year, my small patio is full of these wonderful flowers. Are you going to bloom today?


Finally…..They POP!!! into something so beautiful.



18 responses to “Waiting……

  • Aberdonian

    They are indeed beautiful flowers!

  • Brianna

    I know… peonies are the best. If I ever get re-married I am going to have peonies as my bouquet! Peonies have such a romantic, soft but vibrant look to them!

  • daisie

    what lovely flowers! I particular like the Sarah B. Do you grow them in pots or in the flowerbed?

  • t does wool

    I adore peonies…I will have to plant more…just away from the house…too many ants!beautiful photos! xx

  • Kristen

    I love these flowers. When I got married last year I so badly wanted them in my bouquet but it was so expensive.

    I am looking into growing them here in florida, thanks for the reminder!

  • Su

    They are pretty! And yeah, the buds look so cute and round. I would love to get some for my garden too. 🙂 Gonna check with my flower shop about peonies… but I don’t recall ever seeing them there.

  • pdxknitterati

    Gorgeous! Now I want to plant some…

  • artgurl

    I have Sara B too! It bloomed for the first time for me and I was thrilled! I just wish they would last all summer.

  • stacey

    I love peonies too – a childhood favorite. I have had pink ones in my yard since I have owned a house but inherited my first white ones this year – I’m excited to see if they come to fruition the first year – here’s hoping!

  • carol

    My very favorite flower! I have such sweet memories of my mother’s peonies. She had the old-fashioned variety – white, with red flecks and full of ants! Such a wonderful smell. She would always have bouquets in the house and they smelled so good. Alas, I cannot get them to grow where I live. I am told it is too hot for them to do well. Thank you for a lovely memory.

  • Patricia

    Wow! wow! wow! They are sooooo beautiful!! 🙂
    I like to watch not plant 😛

  • casa

    my favorites too! and thanks because I didn’t know the translation in english …for the french PIVOINES! 😉

  • Anne

    My favorite flowers. They’re just beautiful… and smell good too ! I wish they could last all year long…

  • theLady

    Peonies are indeed spectacular. I love to paint them. On the issue of knitting with your handspun – my suggestion to you is to knit it. When I first started spinning, I spun yarn and didn’t knit with it for a loooong time. I think this is a mistake. You will learn a lot about what you have been producing when you knit it. Even just do a little yarn tasting, a little sampling, can be immensely informational, you might be surprised what you pick up from the yarn as a hand-knitter.

    The idea of sampling didn’t use to appeal to me, but it’s actually one of my favorite things to do now, plan a yarn, try spinning it, see how it turns out – I’ll spin and ply (if I’m going to ply) maybe an 8th of an ounce, and then finish the yarn and knit it. It gives you a really good starting point of seeing what direction you want to take your yarn in, or if you’ll be happy with your finished yarn.

    I recently had the experience of knitting up my very 2nd skein of handspun – I made 4 of the batch, and oh my! So overtwisted. I would have found that out directly if I had knit with it right off the bat.

  • Naomi

    I agree with you! I love peonies! In my old house I had a number of plants. I just planted my first peony at this new house and I can’t wait for next year! Peonies bring back good memories of childhood. My mom loved them. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos!

  • Renee

    I love, love, love Peonies too!

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