Simple Contest……

Come to think of it, when was the last time I had a contest, a give away? A long time ago, thats when…….A skein of yarn, spun by me, on my Majacraft Suzi Pro, washed, twirled, twanged and whacked from this:


to this:



Dyed by FeltStudioUK  BFL approx 90gms 128yrds 13wpi

……….can be yours. So what do you have to do to win this? Well…’s simple, leave a comment, tell me something, your favoutite things, the size of your feet,  what’s in your handbag, what you’re knitting/crocheting, an embarassing moment,  what brings you to my blog, likes and dislikes, inspirations, what would you knit with this yarn, or maybe you can give a name to this handspun……anything!!! Simple!!….easy peasy lemon squeezy!

One lucky winner will be chosen using the Random Number Generator.  Last date for your comments will be Sunday 10th May and at 10pm BST when I will announce the winner. So post a comment!


88 responses to “Simple Contest……

  • Aberdonian

    I really like the pictures on your blog and what your knit is really nice. That’s why I keep coming back. I have UK4 feet! 😉

  • barefootrooster

    ooh! i’ve been reading for awhile (through google reader), but just joined the yarn snob group on ravelry and finally connected you to your ravatar! consider me “delurked!” i LOVE your whisper cardigan, and am working on my own. i’m a fairly new spindler, but am internet-stalking wheels…would love to win this fiber. thanks for blogging!

  • Brianna

    Well, my shoe size is a 6 (American size), and I just returned from England to visit my amazing boyfriend, and now I’m back in the states re-doing my blog and wishing there was an easy-transfer button for information so I didn’t have to do it all manually all day long!

    Oh… and watching the Kentucky Derby!

    Ps… I’m crocheting and working on projects for my new crib.

  • Duskmoon

    I’d personally name it Sugared Berries – it looks like a mixture of sugar and summer strawberries. I’m learning to spin an that really gives me something to aspire to! I love it. My shoe size is US 9 1/2 – big feet! XD

  • carol

    It reminds me of rasberries and cream. So pretty! You are in my favorites, so I visit often! De-lurking to tell you and hopefully win this gorgeous yarn! 😀

  • Salihan

    I’m broke and I need free yarn to support my habit, especially when the yarn is this gorgeous! Addicted to knitting, Salihan

  • Lily

    I really want to know where you got the buttons in your header. I’ve been drooling over them since you put them up on Rav.

  • kelly-ann

    That yarn is so pretty! Anyway, I found you through Ravelry. I thought your finished projects were gorgeous and found your photography inspiring 🙂

  • Mary Ellen

    What keeps me coming back here? The pictures, the amazing projects you knit, the fact that you can spin cool yarn like the one above… day soon I’ll try spinning……

  • Yolande

    I really enjoy reading your blog. I love the colours and the projects. My feet are size 6 1/2 W and I’m knitting socks, socks and more socks. Seems every time I turn around there’s someone’s birthday lurking around the corner waiting to ambush me.

  • Patricia

    I love your projects, you and your yummy handspun of course 😀

  • Laura

    Oh wow it looks beautiful Elaine, you really have a natural hand for spinning. Wow favourite things, good friends, good food, and good yarn to fondle. I love running my hands through alpaca, and nuzzling merinos. A good set of knitting needles and cats to warm my lap.

  • t does wool

    you don’t even want to know what is in my handbag…it must weigh 10 lbs-lol!!!
    beautiful spun,my friend,beautiful!

  • le chat qui coud

    well such beautiful yarn desearve more than a comment… a secret, maybe? lol
    then i will tell you one : i love to knit watching horror movies :):):):):)

  • daisie

    Well I am sitting catching up on blogs after a hectic few days – my elder daughter got married on Friday!
    You have made really speedy progress with your spinning – that yarn looks gorgeous! How much practising have you put in?

    I am planning to update my blog later, have been a very bad blogger…

  • Myriam

    Quels superbes coloris!

  • Lin

    What lovely yarn! I have just had a delicious chai latte, the cat is asleep in the sun and I really should get out in the garden. 🙂

  • Janet

    Your yarn is lovely! I’ve been following your blog since finding you on Ravelry (I think it was the Baby cables top down cardi you knit). Like you I’ve gotten the itch to spin. I need to use the spindle first though. I promised myself that I could only buy a wheel if I knew how to hand spin first. Practice, practice, practice.

  • casa

    A name? you want a name?? in french or english?
    let’s try it in french! ; p
    “Crème glacée cassis” I don’t know why but it makes me think about eating! (please don’t make brown yarn, or I’ll put on weight at seeing the pics (thinkin about chocolate!!!!
    Another name : “mûres des bois” or “Chantilly framboise”.
    and euh! my feet are 38 size, don’t know the right size in english!lol!

    Have fun my friend


  • Sheila

    The buttons found me to your blog!! Your hand spun is lovely! Am here in Michigan celebrating my Grandsons’ first birthday. Someday I hope to learn tospin – now I just knit – in the precious little time that I have. Must pack up and travel across Ohio to Pittsburgh. Maybe tonite I will have an hour to knit?

  • knitknerd

    I’m a big fan of your knitting and now I’m a big fan of your spinning!

  • Lucette

    The shades of pinks in your handspun remind me of my millennium tulips which are almost ready to bloom. Lots of shades of pinks and whites that change and dazzle the eyes.

  • amy

    beautiful photos – and beautiful yarn to photograph.

    I’m knitting little yellow cotton sweaters for Iowa State University College of Engineering.

    thanks for the chance. . .

  • Phara Thomas

    Size 7 feet…which my friends hate me for since I’m 5’8″ and can pick up the store sample and just try it on…

  • Vera

    “Sweet” colours created by a “sweet” girl !

  • IdahoWoman

    On my needles right now: a bridal garter, a mohair scarf, the latest Vogue Knitting (cover) mandala cardigan, a cashmere man’s scarf, and an off-white afghan. Lined up and waiting in the wings are so many more projects that I want to knit and THAT is almost embarrassing. I see yarn in every photo and every beautiful outdoor scene. This is the reason that I love the photos in your blog. I am continually inspired, entertained, and taught by knitting bloggers! Thank you for being part of that group!

  • Ballee

    Thanks for doing this give away!
    I’m in The Netherlands, just returned from a lovely holidayweek in Belgium. Did a lot of crocheting (see my blog or Ravelry), but missed my spinningwheel. The Louet didn’t fit in the car, but my motherinlaw, 2 children and all the stuff did!

  • K. Purl

    How nice of you!
    I always keep a bottle of lotion, hand sanitizer, house keys, lip gloss, my wallet (library cards, american eagle access pass, no money), and my driver’s permit in my purse.

  • One Sheep

    I think I’ll try naming the yarn Pink Perfection. With yarn like that anyone wiould be a snob.

  • Janna

    I fell down the stairs yesterday. Now my bum looks a little like the first pic- pinkish/purple and lumpy. Sigh.

  • Vanessa

    I think I’d name it “raspberry panacotta” after an icecream i’ve just tasted that was amazing. And as your yarn looks just as amazing…
    And if you really want to know, I’ve got to stop eating chocolate (among others) because, as a new mum, it sometimes looks as if I haven’t given birth to my little Martin yet! (well not quite but you can see what I mean) So your yarn would be a beautiful way to forget about my cravings.

  • Jominx

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the yarn was Raspberry Ripple, it is so pretty 😀
    I love your blog, always beautiful projects, beautifully photographed.

  • Nancy Topolski

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful yarn. I love reading your blog and I am an avid knitter and sometimes spinner. I tend to give away more than I keep. I see this skein becoming a precious and warm winter hat for a little girl I know, her name is Margot Grace. You have inspired me o have a give away too. It is such a nice thing to do.

  • Teri

    My feet are size 12. HUGE (imagine how long it takes to knit me socks….)
    Lovely yarn – lovely pics (as always)

  • Mary

    Saw your whisper cardi on ravelry. Had to check out the details. Just started swatching for mine.
    Glad I found your blog. It’s a fun read and Holly is too cute.

  • Carolyn

    Ha! That cracks me up. Okay, my feeet are size 11 (US). Can we say bigfoot? Love the yarn! It looks like the strawberry ice cream I made last night. Happy spinning!

  • Logan

    My shoe size lies somewhere around 10 1/2 – 11. But I’m always sure to mention that my feet as small for my height. For example, I’m 6’2″ but my brother who is maybe an inch taller than me at most, wears a size 13.

    See. Small feet. : )

  • Maureen

    I wear a compression stocking on my left leg due to DVT.
    My feet can usually fit in size 8 (USA) but sometimes size 7 1/2.

  • Chrissy

    Spring is finally coming and I’m so anxious that I’ve already bought my tomato plants for the garden. Now I just have to keep them alive until the last frost date when I can finally put them in the ground!

  • LilChickadee

    Wow – your handspun is really pretty! Much nicer than mine. 🙂

    Normally I just lurk, but I really enjoy reading your blog!

  • Bronwyn

    I have huge feet but I thought I’d break from the crowd and brag that today I built a raised bed to grow salad greens in 😀

  • Kristen

    My feet are US8, a very average size. And I am relazing on the couch with my dog right now. Good times!

  • Zaneta

    hmm… the size of my feet is a 9 … i’m crocheting something for a swap that i am behind in but have been overwhelmed by school… my favorite color is blue… and there is a Zaneta, Iowa 😉 lol

  • Rachel O

    I am graduating from college this month and this would make a great graduation present!

    The yarn is gorgeous!

  • pdxknitterati

    I love the colors in your yarn. And I love the name of your blog!

  • Su

    Oh, it’s very nice of you to hold a contest. That’s a yummy looking yarn! 🙂
    I spend yesterday making tawashis (6 of them)… it was a nice relaxing day just crocheting away. Hmm… another tidbit about me, I turn BRIGHT red when anyone compliments me. Lol, blushing is such a curse. 😛

  • Martha

    Raspberry Sorbet. And my shoe size is 7. Beautiful!

  • moonhonu

    Gorgeous! Hmmm, i just turned 39 and hubby is having me semi-retire in two weeks. By semi i will assist the elderly in assisted living homes with their nail care but set my own hours and not kill my neck any longer. So i’m happy and will have more time for crafts and family!! (lol, will be broke but happy!)

  • Elaine

    The yarn looks beautiful. I’d love to win it.

    I’m addicted to yarn

  • Kitten With A Whiplash

    Your yarn is beautiful, I admire spinners so much. Someday I will have that skill, I hope.

  • brownbear

    That yarn is so pretty. Nice job! I have size 9.5 feet. I just got through a very stressful portfolio review which means that I get to teach art to high schoolers next fall!

  • Knitmomma

    Oooh, that’s pretty stuff! I’ve been enjoying spinning for the last year, and getting better at it. I love seeing what other people do!

    I’m currently knitting socks and a bunny, plus several things that I’m not counting because they are in time-out!

  • Carla

    It’s gorgeous. I knit and read.

  • Susie

    The yarn is gorgeous, I do love me some pink. I’m a new knitter and have never, and I mean NEVER, won anything. Good luck to me!

  • Jenny

    That yarn looks like raspberry marshmallows (or at least what I assume a raspberry marshmallow would look like if I’d ever seen one).

  • Jen

    Thank you for such a lovely blog. I currently wear size 7 1/2. At one point in my life I wore size 8 1/2. Weird, I know. Of things I can share…I love circular needles, alpaca yarn, earl grey tea, my husband’s smile, painted red toes, carmel & chocolate, and British comedy.

  • Erin

    Hmm… I have a significant amount of junk in my handbag to go along with the junk scattered throughout my house! I would name the yarn Raspberry Beret!

  • TJ

    Love the prize – it’s beautiful.

    I’d call it peony patch.

  • melanie

    Do you really want to know what’s in my handbag? Well, at least 4 fountain pens and ink cartridges. I live dangerously.
    That is seriously beautiful yarn…

  • adrienne

    i keep a small superball in my knitting bag for kitchnering sock toes.

  • Cheri

    I have small feet. 5.5 US 😉

  • Peg

    I’d call it Strawberry Shortcake! I have never knit with handspun, but sure would love to give it a try!

  • KVanHilton

    I just learned how to crochet and I LOVE it!! I’ve been trying to learn for at least 20 years and I finally found the right teacher. I proudly admit, I’m already a yarn snob.

  • Kate

    Beautiful! I’m usually a lurker, but a giveaway is enticing enough to draw me out and comment 😛 A name for this yarn… feels like Bunny’s Belly perhaps?

  • Roz (amiaknitteryet)

    My current knitting bag appears to have some scattered rice crispies in the bottom, courtesy of one my lovely children.

    Beautiful yarn, btw

  • anjie

    soft warm and handmade
    inspires, weaves together
    rainy in new york

  • Knitting Fool

    I have knit since I was 5 years old.

  • Lesha

    Salt and Vinegar chips and cranberry juice go well with appreciating yarn, maybe its my migraine. Or maybe I just haven’t knitted today…..

  • danielle

    Yummmy looking yarn — ummm, raspberry yum….too much is in my handbag and i need to weed thru it cause it is too too heavy! I am in the knitting doldrums right now…

  • dg

    Beautiful blog with beautiful knitting such an inspiration

  • Sharon Rose

    I keep coming back because you were the best surprise roomie a cramped seagoing cabin could ask for. 🙂 Love your yarn – well done! *hugs*

  • Sharon Rose

    My apologies… I mistook you for my friend who blogs on! I thought she had gotten a cool new template. Silly me. Ok, so.. a real entry… I was going to say your yarn looked like strawberry ice cream but someone beat me to it. Here’s something amusing: I’m from the Pacific NW, living temporarily in PA. Everyone thinks it rains all the time back home but it seems to rain more here!

  • EJ

    Lovely yarn – has someone suggested strawberry shortcake as its name?

  • Lucie

    Hi I just found your blog via Ravelry. I was admiring your Sarah Dallas wrap cardigan. Beautiful handspun.

  • colibridreams

    What a lovely yarn! It looks like Blueberry Icecream and it wants to become lace shawl (on my needles, of course!).

  • Debbie

    Hi and Thanks for the contest. Right now I have about 8 UFOs. I took this week off from work to try and catch up, but started a new project instead. Me Bad! I did work a little on one of my projects, The Knit Picks Sippalu bag. Very cool, but I need a lot of concentraion for it. Debbie

  • swellest

    My favorite things to collect: books, music, yarn, patterns, anything teal colored. I just finished a Springtime Bandit on Rowan Denim and am working away on my Lady Eleanor in Rowan Tapestry before picking a summer weight/fiber project. I love peach mango Vitamin Water and hate black licorice.

  • Chia Tsao

    I’ve been cooking and gardening a lot recently. The yarn is amazing and reminds me of a strawberry dessert I recently made.

  • Via Molevana

    the first thing that came to my mind when I first saw the colour of this : AMARENA.
    It is the taste of my favourite ice-cream, 30 years ago, during my summer holidays in Italy !…
    Amarena is a mix of cherries and cherry syrup … and it is sooooooo delicious !….

  • Sue

    Bubble Gum, size 4 1/2 (so I could use this to make a WHOLE PAIR of socks!), seems I collect waaay too much yarn, alot of stuff I don’t need, oh, and yes, I’m a yarn snob too. LOVE YOUR FO!! You are so talented – look forward to more.

  • Jersey Jessie

    I’d name it strawberries and cream. Just beautiful!

  • Jen da purse Ho

    i am thinking….hmmmm….
    la when i look at this I think of Neopolitan ice cream. 🙂

  • JenEm

    Beautiful yarn! I found your blog via Ravelry when I was stalking the Whisper Cardi. Am enjoying the archives!

  • tami

    That yarn is beautiful.
    I think it would make a nice hat or scarf.

  • CJ

    well, you know I love spinning, I’ll spin anything as long as it’s not felted!!! Love the spinning you’ve been doing. You know what I like. 😉

  • Andi Gallegos

    Our mutual love for Malabrigo! Believe it or not I googled Malabrigo and your site was in the list of serch results. 🙂
    I dont think anyone has ever made me want to knit more than Malabrigo.

  • Rachel

    It’s beautiful! And if in my hands I think it would be crying out to be a Thorpe hat! Thanks for the chance to win such a gorgeous skein! I come by for your beautiful knits…and I just like the style of your blog. Vague I know, but there it is! 🙂

  • Lori

    I discovered your blog from a link on poshyarns. Love your work and thoughts. I keep coming back for more.

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