New Addition…..

There’s a new addition in the snob household. It’s not the meows of a kitten nor is it the cries of a baby. It’s not the sound of an engine of a new car either. So what is it??? Well…. she’s green, smooth, curvy, solid, sexy and very HOT HOT HOT! She’s my new toy…….

Majacraft Suzi Pro. A spinning wheel, gifted to me by my darling Mr Snobs as my birthday present. Awww isn’t she a beauty? (can you see Holly?)


For weeks I had been reading reviews on wheels and finally set my heart on the Lendrum DT but having to wait weeks, maybe months for one? No No. I want a wheel and I want it now. Woke up one morning, called a dealer in the UK and luckily she had one in stock. Ordered Tuesday arrived Friday. Now that’s fast!


I’ve been having so much fun with her. Not quite a pro yet but I’m getting there! I spun coils and lots of them, thick and thin and a bin full of scraps. Soon, I shall spin something that resembles yarn! Practice, practice, practice.


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