A Whisper…..

Hey, how did Holly get hold of that photo?? Thank you for all your well wishes, meow, meow, meow, mow..puuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….she’s says Thank you to you all.

I have neglected the blog lately but do not fear, I haven’t lost my knitting mojo yet, I thought I did as I have been playing with a spindle, trying to spin but there is knitting and I do have something to show you, a finished piece, it’s cute.

I have a confession: I didn’t swatch for this shrieks. Yup, I haven’t been swatching for any of my latest projects. I know, I’m a naughty knitter. I’m lazy put it that way but I think it came out just fine. Prepare yourself for lots of photos.




Whisper Cardigan from Interweave Knits Spring 2009. A lovely cute little cardigan, more like a shrug and enjoyable to knit. Picking up 32ost was a bit of a nightmare!


I wasn’t so keen on the bell shaped elbow length sleeves so I made them longer and more fitted. I blocked the bottom slightly wider too to give it a slight flared look. This worked out so well and I prefer them. I love how the edge of the shrug curls inwards but I know I will constantly grab the edges to try and wrap it around my body.



I also added 1″ of 1×1 rib to the sleeves to prevent them curling, can’t be having sleeves that curl!! Also, you can see I’ve added 4 rows of rib to the bottom of it too. It prevents the cardigan from rolling up my back!


A cardigan/shrug from 2 skeins of DiC Smooshy in Gothic Rose! Can you believe that? Incredible!

My modifications:

Needles: 2.75mm. 3.5mm and 4.5mm

Cast on 76st and used magic loop method for the first time for the sleeves. Lengthened sleeves to 12″ with a 1″ 1×1 rib. Decreased upper arm section to 60st and continued back section for 11″ (total 22″across back) Increased left arm section to 76st and continued for left sleeve adding 1″rib.

Picked up 320 sts for the collar and waist and knitted rib section for 3″.

Lower body: worked section for just over 8″ and added 4 rows of rib. Sprayed blocked cardigan, what I mean by that is pinned out the cardigan and spritzed it with water, blot dry the excess water with a towel and let dry. I moved it to another room just incase Holly decides to spend the night on it as always.


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