There Is Progress…..

……..really there is,  on the knitting front, not on the yarn front, well..OK just another 10 balls of Rowan Cocoon in Shale and nothing more, honest!

I really stuck my nose into my knitting these past few days, wanting to finish lots of projects before starting another. I’m funny like that, it bugs me that something isn’t finished and just lying around. I hear voices in my head, whispers in my ear, unfinished projects call me……please finish me, please. No matter how boring the knitting is, I just need to get on with it and just focus myself on that project. My mind does wonder to other things.

So I got down to some serious business. I’d finish one row then on the next row, I see if I can knit a little faster and the next row after that. If my needles could create sparks, I swear I could make a little fire!

This is not the most interesting of projects, somewhat tedious with rows and rows of stocking stitch but I really wanted an over sized cardigan to throw over a t shirt come Spring, something classy and non too fussy and so I chose this. Yeah, I kept saying to myself, it’s only stocking stitch, you can do it with your eyes closed. Just focus.

Blanket Cardigan from the Sarah Dallas Knitting. How do you take interesting photos of a black cardigan? With difficulty.


What’s interesting about this cardigan? Not a lot but there is the strip which runs from one front to the back and the seed st border on the front.

There are sleeves to seam on and also the collar which is half done. I blocked and seamed the two fronts and the body sections as I wanted to try the cardigan on for size. Great fit, not too baggy as I feared that it may look like I’m wearing a bin liner with blue ties or something hideous. Mr Snobs said, Oh I have something like that! Oh great! Still I didn’t care. I like it!

As we all know, stocking stitch has a tendency to curl….damn them curls. I really blocked the s**t out of it, standing on it, stamping on it, placing heavy books over it. I plonked Holly on top of it, hoping that her warm botty may just flatten them curls! No luck. Still, damn them curls. It’s not going to lie flat although some sections are flatter than others.


See that curl? Blah!


I love that thin blue line.

I have a few options to fix that curl. Great advice from friends. 1. Buy another ball of the yarn and either pick up the edging and knit or crochet another row, or an edge. 2. Attach a strip of grosgrain around the bottom edge and sleeves, which means more sewing. 3. Block the crap out of it again, and again and again. I think I may opt to attach grosgrain and hope for the best!


La Drogueire Brassiere Caresse Point Mousse, Gilet to you and me. I’m lucky to have this translated from French by some Ravellers. Really simple but effective and totally wearable gilet. My garter stitches are not the neatest of my knitting, kinda messy in places and uneven. I’m planning to add buttons to this rather than a shawl pin.


Using a couple of clover leaf design coconut buttons from my stash. The pattern calls for yarn by the weight not by the yardage and I am realising I’m using more than what is required, possibly due to the fact I chose a DK yarn. I was so lucky to find a further two balls of this RYC Baby Alpaca DK in the same dyelot number after a major search across UK! Several calls and a couple of hours later, I sourced 2 balls and had them delivered to my home…Phew! Lucky or what? Who said knitting was easy!


12 responses to “There Is Progress…..

  • theresa/t does wool

    amazingly gorgeous progress…and I love that thin blue line…don’t forget I offered to sew the grograin…at your own risk :)!!

  • Emilee

    I LOVE the La Drogueir, the color and everything, but especially the buttons! They add the perfect touch! I commend you ability to stick through a project….I’m thinking of frogging my mittens because I’m so bored of the st st, but if you can finish that big of a sweater- I think I can knit some mittens! Your finish projects push me to finish mine. Hehe

  • stacey

    Wow – I think you will start a fire knitting this fast! Your sweaters, omg, they are both breathtaking in their own right. Is that french translastion available to anyone? My gosh what a fun little sweater, I love the garter – quite the style this year too – and those buttons – I am so envious of your button collection. Do you order on line or do you have a fabulous place to purchase from near you??? I just ordered 18 mission falls style from Canada – $8 to ship – eek! But totally worth it – really.

  • Laura

    The knitting is looking wonderful, I have been collecting the sock yarn, however the knitting is slow going. Winter has really put a slow down to the knitting, all those dark, drab days. I ordered some highland wool for a vest for mike, thats my next big project.

  • Brianna

    I am totally the same way — I can’t stand having unfinished projects just laying around, begging me and taunting me to finish them. I have a project like that now that’s driving me batty!

  • casa

    As usual, beautiful buttons!
    and you knit so fast!!!!!
    I go back to bed, the best way to recover the flu and permit me to knit again! lol!


  • the Lady

    Hee hee – there is a great quote in Knitting Rules by the Yarn Harlot, about curling stockinette, here it is:

    “Blocking won’t stop stockinette from curling. I’m sorry; this is just the nature of stockinette and of stitches like it. There’s nothing you can do. You’re going to pin it out and steam it and stretch it and then when you pick it up it’s going to curl. (Blocking again won’t work either. I’m ashamed of how I learned that last one. Tip: the number of times a knitter repeats this cycle is related to intelligence. Quit early.)”

    Um, quit early. Maybe pick up and knit some ribbing. Nice cardis!

  • Mrs MJW

    just gorgeous and not only that but looks comfy too.

  • Lindsey

    Hi. You’re sweater is beautiful!!! I have been searching for this pattern in English too. How did you get it?

  • Andie Luijk

    This is beautiful, and i agree the button are just the last creative touch, perfect. Could you let me know where/how you got that pattern, it is SOOO lovely

  • Susan

    Beautiful sweater. I ordered the book and can’t wait to make it but alas this project will have to wait for awhile. Stocking stitch is just going to curl, part of its nature. I advise just accepting it as the overall design and move on. Carry on! Love your projects and your blog site!

  • cynthia

    I love your gilet. Can you help me find the pattern in english?

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