Just when you thought I was all done with my bargain hunting….here I am, at it again, stalking, no searching this time for online bargains. I am a bargain whore, I admit it. There is no mistake about that. My last bargain purchases, were, somewhat fun and exciting. I managed to get 44 balls of yarn passed Mr Snobs,  right under his nose. This time the shopping is much more laid back but I had ask myself……. How do I get 55 balls of yumminess pass him this time? I have 2 weeks of him at home in my face 24/7! What do I do?

  1. Do I smuggle them in by hiding them under my sweater and pretend I ate too much?
  2. Hide them in the downstairs toilet or cloakroon and wait until he’s out or sleeping?
  3. Put them in the boot of my car and bring them in together with the weekly daily grocery shopping?
  4. Tell him Holly went shopping and brought herself some cat beds.
  5. I’m ordering for a friend, they are not mine.
  6. I’m knitting you a lovely sweater, they are ALL for you.
  7. Say “Look what I got in the post today!” wave them about in his face and hold them directly under his nose?

Answer: No 7 and only with one question asked. “What are going to make with them?”

He’s good, he understands, he knows he’s married a crazy woman, who is stubborn, a perfectionist and always gets what she wants. I was expecting “Are you going to open a yarn warehouse or something?” “Are you EVER going to knit up the yarn you already have?” “You gotta stop, no more, the house is full of yarn, I won’t be able to find Holly.” Oh yeah yeah!

10 Rowan Cocoons


13 Sublime Angora’s – Feather, incidently 10 are on a flight overseas, gifted


and 15 Sublime Angora’s in Husk & 17 in Blacker

…….OH and a button 🙂


…..and do you know something? I ain’t got a clue what to make with them!

There has been some knitting going on, really there has…Blanket Cardigan from Sarah Dallas Knitting and a  Gilet from a French pattern. More on that when I quit shopping and actually do some knitting.

I also received some truely beautiful timber buttons from Nora in Australia, too beautiful to use, so I may just frame them 🙂 Thank you so so much. Xx Ok…I’m going to do some knitting…really I am, no kidding!


Pssst………I have another 20 balls waiting to arrive….eeek! If you find the blog is quiet all of a sudden, you can guess what’s happened…Mr Snobs will have ordered me out of the house! Oh Help!


15 responses to “55…..

  • t does wool

    LOL!! 55!!- I stopped counting…yes…say you bought them for a friend…he’ll forget and there you go…now,we have to start deciding what to do with it all!!

  • Renee

    The yarn and buttons are way to nice to leave lonely in the stores!!! You had to bring them home. 😉
    Can’t wait to see what you’ll make out of them.

  • pdxknitterati

    No, if it’s quiet, we’ll know that you’re knitting!

  • Jen da Purse Ho

    i think i must marry those buttons. 🙂
    your hubby is a good man to realize he married a crazy lady! hahahaha. 🙂

  • kv

    i admire your integrity in avoiding the sneak approach. growing up, my mother rushed us upstairs while she distracted my father after a shopping trip. now, i just make sure i’m working eno8ugh to buy my own damn yarn!

  • yuvee

    lol I used to tell my mom it’s for my friends whenever I fill more than half of my luggage with yarn. not me! those buttons are gorgeous!

  • Paula

    Since I no longer make a salary, I look at the “occasional” yarn purchase (lol) as my payment for domestic duties. Clean clothes, transporting kids, and dinner are worth something afterall!!

  • casa

    Oh you’re so kind! your ordered 55 balls for me (answer 5…).
    Sure, as I live far away, you’ll be obliged to keep it home til I come and visit you! And as I’m a good friend, if you need to use few of these 55 balls, sure you can!!!!

    So, You have your excuse…
    Sorry M. Snob, I’m a weak girl who wants to help my yarnsnob and who can’t stop shopping too!

  • Aberdonian

    I’m a bargain hunter myself so can totally sympathise!

  • Brianna

    Oooo I love the Sublime Angora in Husk….. it’s gorgeous!

  • Vanessa

    Oh, I think I know which French pattern you’re taling about… (I happen to have it in my stash and would like to give it a go too) I’m sure you’re going to make lively things with what you have, I can’t wait to see them! As for me, the bank is going to kill me if I buy any more yarns or fabric so I have to keep on telling myself off whenever I browse online shops… *sigh*

  • Vanessa

    Sorry, Imeant “lOvely things”…

  • michelle dupont

    your bargains are beautiful – and so are your buttons!
    Am glad to have found your blog…. x

  • Lin

    Such lovely yarns and the buttons are truly edible yumminess!!!
    Where did you get the Husk Sublime? Oh actually don’t tell me as my hours have been cut and I should be selling yarn not buying it!

  • Emilee

    It’s been a while since I’ve checked your blog and I’m so glad that you updated, I love reading your posts 🙂 What beautiful yarn! Which sites do you go to for these bargins! I think I want to start my first steps to becoming a yarn snob…but it’s hard with my budget. Haha

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