Tiny Newborn Blanket….

Doesn’t time fly? It’s December already and it’s so cold outside, frosty mornings and blizzards…brrrrr.

I know, I should be nominated as Worst Blogger of the Year, almost one month since my last post, I’m ashamed but I have been busy, yes, busy knitting.

First of all, I never thought I’d ever knit any baby things but my neighbour gave birth to a tiny baby girl weighing just over 2kg in weight. She came about 4 weeks early. Tiny little thing, like a baby doll! In the chinese tradition, the mother and baby must stay indoors for one month and must not be allowed any visitors. Don’t ask my why!! It’s old wives tale lol, so I’ve not seen the baby yet.

So the baby knitting began. I knitted a blanket.


I knitted and knitted like I’ve never knitted before to get this finished.


Rows and rows of booooring garter stitches, back and forth, click, click click. I also started on the triangle edging at the same time or I’d would probably have never finished due to the boredom of it.


Rather than picking up the stitches around the blanket, I single crochet around the triangles. Worked out well but my crochet is rather untidy.

Other projects: Winter Knitting Main picture :Spiral Cowl, Left: Cable Mitts from Rowan Winter Gifts, Centre/Right: Poroms for me, my sister and Ms T.



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