Awards, Cable & Button Kick….

First of all, I’d like to say a big “thank you” to those who nominated me for an award…….to:  Lucy for this award


Margaret and  Terriknits  for this award

and to Octopusknits for this award

This is rather embarassing as I really should be nominated for “Bad Blogger award.” In fact I think I will nominate that to myself! Haven’t thought about my answers yet but will post when I do! Thanks girls for the nominations.

Well…..what’s been happening then? I’ve developed a love for cables, if you hadn’t noticed already. I find myself looking and touching cable garments in department stores. I’m instantly drawn to them…’s weird.


A cute beanie for my huge head, really I do have a huge head. Really quick and lovely design. I thought I’d finished it rather quickly, tried it on… didn’t fit. It kept on rising up to a point. My head really this big? Can’t be!!! I checked the pattern, then realised I missed one repeat!! DOH! Frogged back the decreases, reknit the extra repeat. A perfect fit! Now it covers my eyes!

Cabled Cowl Malabrigo Black Forest

An across the pond KAL with my twin Coley. Absolutely love this project. Not one for sitting in front of the tv knitting as it requires a lot of concentration. Mind blowing cables…wow…I love how they develop before my eyes. Poor little lonely button 😦 I was wanting to use these buttons for the cowl but I’m missing one. Sadly, only one survived the long journey but Im sure it will be used for another project. However…….yes, I stumbled upon these:

Aren’t they a beauty!! Made from Coconut Wood carved with a Traditional Oriental Design. I absolutley LOVE LOVE LOVE. I think another fetish is coming!


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