Little Pixie…..

This project proved a bit of a challenge when I started almost a year ago and not being an experienced knitter then, I had little knowledge about cables, seaming, chart reading.  BUT ~ Hip hip hurray!!! Three cheers for me cos I finally finished A Cardigan For Arwen! Can you believe it, almost one year a go I cast on this and then got distracted by other patterns, as you do and sadly it was tossed in a bag in a corner of the room and forgotten about…aaahhhhhh. To make matters worst, when I did eventually pick it up again, I found I done the left front wrong and so it was tossed in the corner again. and left to sulk.

Reluctantly, I picked it up again, not so enthusiastic to fix it but set about deciding what to do. Shall I frog the whole thing and knit something new, toss in the rubbish bin, give to Miss Holly as a bed? I made the painful decision to frog the whole left front, with the help of Mr Snobs….which of course made it less painful and set about knitting it all again.

Excuse the photos……where’s Mr Snobs when I need him?

This is so cute!! I feel like a little Pixie!!! How pointy is that hood! 

I had a love hate relationship with this:

LOVE : When I first cast eyes on this many months ago

HATE: When I found I had done one front side totally wrong….my fault, all mine

LOVE: When it was all coming together nicely

HATE: When I had to seam for the very first time

LOVE: When it was finished!


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