Ooooh Baby Cables…..

There is a theme going on here, I have a love for anything in cables. I keep looking at projects that involve cables. I’m loving how they knit up and find myself just stopping just to feel the cable. So when this stunning sweater caught my eye on Ravelry, I knew I HAD to knit this.

Baby Cables and Big Ones Too. Not quite a sweater but a cardigan. I just fancied a cardigan instead of a sweater so I set myself this challenge to mofidy it with the help of the designer of course – Suvi.

So here it goes… modification of this to a cardigan.

Basically you are knitting back and forth rather than knitting in the round and because of this, it alters the way the cables are knitted up.

My order of cables:

K8 PM K14 (cable d) pm k23 pm k8 (a) pm k23 pm k10 (b) pm k5 pm k12 (c) pm k7 pm k10 (b) pm k8

My cable on the yoke for the sleeve falls on the left sleeve, on the original pattern, it’s on the right.

Example: Cable A

Row 2 (RS) K2 sl 2st onto cn and hold to front k2 k2 from cn k2

Row 3 (WS) K2 P4 K2

Row 4 K1 sl 1 onto cn hold to back K2 K1 sl2 st on cn hold to front K1K2 from cn K1

Row 5 K1 P2 K2 P2 K1

Whatever is K becomes P and whatever a P becomes K. Continue in this manner for all cables.

Body and waist increase and decrease : I decreased on the 7th row, the 6th row, the 7th row etc 6 times. The decreases fall on the RS of the cardigan. I increased for the waist in the same manner. I also added a 3 st garter edge to the fronts to stop the stocking st from curling and slipped the first st of every row for a nice neat edge.

Sleeves: as in pattern, I decreased at the end of the 9th row and beginning of the 10th by ssk k1 slm k1 k2tog.

I added loops as buttonholes by chaining 12st using a crochet hook, added 5 buttons to match the 5 cables on the yoke. I chose to get buttons as close match to the yarn colour as not to draw attention away from the cables.

I then steamed blocked the whole cardigan, lightly pressing the cables with my fingertips but also giving them a little squeeze cos I like my cables to pop rather than lay flat. I also added a seam binding down the fronts to add a bit of strength for the buttons and to stop the fronts from curling further. I orginally did a 8st garter edging but it just looked a little heavy for the cardigan.

I found a crochet hook very useful for doing the cables, for picking up the odd st that I dropped or for correcting a wrong st which happened several times.

Voila!!!! My Baby Cables and Big Cables Too Cardigan and I haven’t stopped waving my arms about, love the detail on the sleeves.

Hope you’ve understood my modifications, my notes are scribbles and I can’t even read them myself but I think I have explained everything but if you have any further questions/queries, please feel free to contact me.


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