See The Difference?….

Arwen, yes Arwen…….this should be finished now and I should have been wearing this last winter but no. Along came other projects and I got distracted and sadly Arwen was put in my projects bag and forgotten about until one day……I hear a faint whisper….”Please finish me, please?”

So out came Arwen from its project bag and I cast on the Front Right section which should complete My Arwen BUT, yes a very big BUT.

A very difficult colour to photograph btw.


You see what I see? No?? Go on take a closer look, come closer, closer, stick your nose right up to the  monitor and see what the big BUT is all about.

You still can’t see it? Ok a clue…it’s not the cables. You see it now? Let me show you……

Now you see it??? The left of the picture with the red arrows is the correct knitted front right panel of the cables. The right of the picture with the white arrows is the wrong knitted front of the left panel, which incidently I knitted up way back in Oct 2007.


So what did I do wrong? Well…..I read the chart pattern wrong, thats what!!! I should have read from right to left, then next row left to right! But NOOOOO silly Yarnsnob here read every row from right to left and hence the silly mistake AND to make things worst, I did all my short rows WRONG!!!! I knitted the wrapped st and the next st together! HA! Boo Hoo now it means I have to frog the whole of the left side. YES!!! I’M SCREAMING I’M MAD MAD MAD but who do I blame? only myself.

 This is the correct verison of the Right Front panel, with sleeve cuff grafted……

using Kitchener st and dpn’s. The join is almost invisible and clever too!

I could have done the right front the way I done the left front, the wrong version but because I also done the short rows incorrectly, well… has to be frogged. SO….sigh….DO YOUR RESEARCH before you start on a major project that you are unsure about, such as new techniques, how to read charts etc. Don’t be a fool like me and plunge head first.

I also feel that after knitting a few sweaters, I have a more understanding of how a sweater is knitted up and this has been a HUGE learning process for me but sadly, it will be a very lengthy one! I’ve also mastered the technique of knitting cables without a needle which every cable lover should learn, so much faster and less fiddley.

NOW would anyone like to frog my left side? It will make it less painful for me lol.


11 responses to “See The Difference?….

  • Emily

    How frustrating!!!

    If it is any consolation, I have just spent the last 3 hours counting, knitting and frogging the set-up row of the cable on my tangled yoke. Nightmare. And I was looking forward to this bit after miles and miles of stocking stitch. I still haven’t done it right yet.

    Off to bake a cake, because that will work.

  • Cinders

    You’re not alone! I spent a while unravelling 72 rows of a nearly finished Clapotis because I didnt read the pattern properly. I dont know if you’re the same as me ,but i get so excited at soem projects I just plough in without giving it proper thought and reading the instuctions properly.

  • pdxknitterati

    Beautiful, beautiful knitting (and photography). It will be so worth it after you frog and re-knit. Painful now, but it will be great, later!

  • gilraen

    {{{{Hugs of commiseration!!}}}}} Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt!!! 🙂

  • Paula

    Oh no! I know how that feel only on a much smaller scale. I had to frog a Bounce skirt and the best thing to do was to give it to my daughter for ripping…having someone else do it eases the pain (okay not much but it’s better than doing it yourself!)

    So sorry! Don’t give up ’cause the rest of Arwen is looking gorgeous. Love the sleeve detail.

  • Jen da purse Ho

    awwwwww……it’s ok. 🙂 it’s a beautiful project!! 🙂 don’t frog. tee hee. 😀

  • stacey

    oh my gosh – you will prevail, I give you credit for even looking at the sweater after that – you can do it!! Thankfilly the yarn looks pretty awesome to work with:)

  • pictish

    Oh no!!!! You are very brave putting it right I must say but it is SO worth it cos it is absolutely STUNNING!!!

    And you have inspired me to get mine out, frog the bit I’ve done (too big) and start again 😉

  • Jennifer

    {{HUG}} That totally sucks. I know that you will be so happy with the final result though. I’ve been waiting for you to finish this sweater for ages…I can’t wait to see it! Good luck!!

  • Amanda

    I would so frog it for you if it would help! I’m sorry for the frustration. I feel your pain all the way over here.

  • Lucy

    ouch! but at least you can see the funny side and it’s going to look absolutely fabulous once it’s done 😀 Stop by my blog for a warm and fuzzy moment 😉

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