A Stole Becomes A Shug……

There have been some technical issues with my blog on WordPress and your kind comments are not being notified via email, so apologies if I have not replied to your comments or have bombared you with several replies. Each and every comment left on my previous post has been most wonderful and thank you for taking time to read and comment.

Now the boring stuff is over, read on 🙂

Remember this? It never did become the BSA Rectangle Stole that I started on. Don’t really know what happened to it but it was put away for many months and forgotten about until one day, I looked at it and then decided to the frog pond it must go. Why? Well, along came Ravelry and I got sucked in like everyone else, looking for projects and patterns. I found this, a very pretty shrug and so that’s what Peapod became.

Hug Me Tight Lacy Shrug, using just over 5.2 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk Colour: Peapod. Patten in book states only 5 skeins required for both sizes. Larger sizes requires more.

Needles: 3.75mm for the ribbing and 5.0mm for the lace edging.

Blocked measurements:
Body rib width 22”
Body rib length 20”
Body lace 51”
Arm Lace 14”

Method for blocking: Steam

Seaming is required.

Many people have found the lace pattern hard to memorise and me being one of them too. I had to have the pattern in front of me all the time whilst knitting the lace! I’m also not sure why you need to knit 72″ of the body lace as mine only measured 51″, although my body section was slightly smaller than that stated in the book. It’s also unclear about how many pieces to knit for the sleeves. I know….common sense tells you 2 but sometimes your brain doesn’t extend to that level and you just follow what the pattern states! Right?


Blurry photos = Little sister

Here are my tips if you’re thinking about making one: Block body piece with sleeves sewn on first, after measuring where you want the lace sleeves to end, from one end of sleeve to the other. My sleeves fall on the crease of my arm. I think if I did block the piece bigger, it would have been huge and baggy. As it is, the lace falls just below my waistline.

Leave body lace piece on needles and block the body lace piece, then sew onto the body piece, careful not to pull too tight. That way you can see if you need to increase your body lace or not.

My neck section does not stand up as in the photograph in the book, maybe the model has a long giraffe neck or maybe I have no neck lol, but it tends to fall over like a collar. Still, its pretty enough as it is, I guess.


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