FO: M’brigo Bolero…..

Thank you for all your lovely comments about my Lady Noro Sweater. If you haven’t cast on for one, then do so, it’s a great knit and as I love it so much, I cast on another!!! Oh yes…..I think I do have some very strange habits of knitting things more than once, Ene’s, Hemlocks, Forest Canopy Shawls and now another Lady Sweater. I’ll tell you more about that when it’s finished, just one sleeve to do. It’s bright, fun and so warm! for a small project that was great for knitting whilst watching Wimbledon. Very simple and quick, just a few seams down the side and Voila!

Ribbed Lace Bolero


Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted  Blue Graphite 135gm

Needles: 5.0mm for rib and 6.0mm for the lace.

Bind Off Elizabeth Zimmerman Sewn Bind Off

You do need someone to help you measure the width of your shoulders and arm width but it can be easily adapted to suit the fit you want. The transition from lace to rib was a bit fiddley and confusing at first and appears to look odd on the reverse side but on the right side….it does look fine.


There were issues about this being a bit big when finished but as I wanted a slightly loose effect, I think it’s not a bad fit at all!


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