Lady Noro February Sweater……

I finished this sweater really quick and love the results and you know what? It actually fits!!! I know I’m going to wear this til it stinks!! I’ll wear it to bed if I could. I love it, the shape, the bell bottom sleeves, the swing……just everything. I was a bit worried about the yarn I chose but I couldn’t have chosen a better yarn. It drapes beautifully and feels so soft.


I used well under the yardage required in the pattern, just under 8 skeins of Noro Cash Iroha. I did notice that the whole sweater stretched lengthwise when blocked and was worried about the sleeves being too long for me but I think it work out just fine. I can’t believe I made this to fit so perfectly.

Did I modify it? Well, changed the buttonholes to the right of the sweater and used Kfb instead of the M1and added 7 extra stitches under the arm which created a no seam sweater, really, I mean no seams. Unlike my Wicked, I had to sew the holes under the armpits. This was also my first attempt at buttonholes and the pattern on the tutorial is the neatest one yet, both front and back.

I would make one in every colour and yarn that I love………and you know what? I think I may cast on another in Malabrigo, one in Dream In Colour Classy… in……..!!! I think I have developed a very strange habit of doing one project several times! Mad!

Ladies, if you’re thinking about doing one of these, don’t think about it, just cast on. It’s the trendiest sweater right now 🙂


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