Lady Sweater Fever…..

Have you caught the bug? I have!!! It’s very very infectious, so beware!!! The February Lady Sweater fever is hitting Ravelry like something I’ve never seen before. It’s HOT HOT HOT!! The sweater just screams at you to drop everything and cast on and makes great TV knitting. The lace is very memorable which is so unusual for me, if I may say so. I normally have to refer to the pattern every so often just to jog that memory of mine. 

Cast on using Noro Cash Iroha in Black, so wearable, using 4.5mm needles. I’ve chosen some textured effect brown wooden buttons, but not so sure if they are lost in the black…..what do you think?

Knitted from the top down, no seams, my kind of knitting.

……and I am loving this sweater so much I could knit a dozen more! well….just another in a different yarn. If you haven’t cast on…….may I ask why not? Join the fun!



12 responses to “Lady Sweater Fever…..

  • Naomi

    Oh I know…since you want to knit a dozen more I can send you my measurements! 🙂

    My friends are trying to get me to do this too…I have yarn just no time with Nihon Vogue homework but very soon I will be done with year one….so possibly!

    So glad you posted…have missed you!

  • Jen da purse Ho

    ahahaha i’ve only made the baby ones, but i’ve already queued this and i’m ready to cast on! but id ont know what yarn i’m going to use! I think im’ going to use a cotton blend b/c it’s so hot here. 🙂 you silly girl. 🙂

  • Cairi

    oooh thats loverly, I want to make mone in Dream in colour classy I think but need some pennies first!

  • Natalie

    Very pretty. I’ve thought about it but I’m thinking of my first cardigan to be a little simpler. 🙂

    I love seeing this lovely pictures.

  • Lucy

    ooh lovely, thanks for the pattern link, I just had to queue it 😀 I’m hoping I have something in the stash that’ll work as I might have to cast on straight away! Yours is looking really good Elaine 😀

  • Heather

    Thanks for pointing this sweater out! So cute….I forsee some DIC Classy in my future.

  • Kay

    Fabulous. Someone (I can’t remember who) posted a photo of an upsized February Baby Sweater about a year ago and I loved it. Glad to see there’s a pattern out so I can be lazy if I so choose. ❤

  • Moggle

    Top down, no seams? You almost have me convinced to make one.

    Those are very nice buttons.

  • Paula

    Another gorgeous pick…love this sweater! I will have to make one, too. It’s on my list.

    Those are great buttons, really artsy, but I’m afraid they’ll get lost in all the black. Maybe a contrasting color?


  • Dawn

    Bloody gorgeous! And to think I’ve sat impatiently waiting for my DIC Classyin Happy Forest to wing it’s way over to Britain so I can cast this on, and all the while I’ve had a 10 pack of Cash Iroha in a gorgeous navy that I hadn’t considered using. Now there’s no excuse not to cast on! x

  • Andrea

    yes yes yes! amazing looking. My yarn just arrived for my lady sweater and I can’t wait to jump on this bandwagon. The button choice is lovely.

  • Cinders

    I so want to knit that top. must try it soon

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