Ahhh Ene, You’re So Pretty!…. (pic heavy post)

What you’ve all been waiting for my Ene is finished! wooohooo and if I may so say, I am pretty proud of myself. Ene is beautiful. I’m in awe. I want to show her off. She blossomed into something so stunning, even Mr Snobs has commented on how beautiful I am she is!

Anyone who is going to start this or thinking about it, don’t be put off by the cast on, don’t give up, it gets a lot easier. The finished results are so rewarding, you will see. Trust me.

Was Ene worth the grunts and groans, major ranting, tantrums and head bashing? I think so. Twist my arm, go on…I could do another, if you would be kind enough to cast on for me? 😉

Finished measurements after blocking 191cm x 96cm

Less than 2 skeins of Dream in Colour Gothic Rose (60gm remaining)

Needles used 4mm and 80cm cable

I’ll let the pictures do the talking 🙂




Ene was quite difficult to photograph to get a true colour of the Smooshy, but the above photo represents the true colour. Um….excuse the bathroom tiles.



Thanks Coley for the encouragement, the giggles, for this wonder book and for Ene.



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