Oh Ene!!!….

You make my heart sing!


  • Dedication  (give it your “all”)
  • Motivation  (keeping looking at other finished Ene’s)
  • Determination  (tell yourself I can do it, I must do it)
  • Understanding husband  (to be quiet at that crucial moment)
  • Total silence  (lock yourself in a room, ideal choice for cast on and beginning of row 1)
  • Good friend for encouragment  (laugh about the missed YO’s, extra st and the nice pattern even though it is totally wrong)
  • Time out corner  (for a major rant now and again “a must”)
  • couple few bottles of Smirnoff Vodka  (it really helps for the cast on)
  • Being tipsy and light headed (makes you concentrate more ~ well it did for me)
  • Some precious time, ideally between 4am and 5am  (I was awake)
  • Stitch Markers, plenty of them  (they start moving across your work, so split rings are required)
  • Be able to count up to 50 and over  (cast on is 375st, found very difficult to count past 100)

 Smooshy Gothic Rose 2 skeins

4mm needles

Chart 1


Chart 2


Chart 3




Now everyone be quiet…sssshhhhh, Ene is calling me 🙂


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