Something Beautiful…..

…..lovely handspun yarns from Sheknitgans aka Coley, Take a look at her beautiful spun yarns.


Raspberry Mocha, a beautiful combination of brown and raspberry coloured merino, wonderfully spun into something so soft and divine. I could not resist.


A lovely gift from a wonderful friend Sheknitigans – Knitted Gifts, Scarf Style and handspun yarn from her collection.


Two “must have it” books for your collection : Knitted Gifts and Scarf Style. We’re both working on the Ene scarf from one of the books, a soul sucker project as she has named it and she’s right about that!  It’s taken the life and soul out of me, cast on 375sts……..3 times. That’s 375+375+375= Don’t tell me, I can’t add up. Third time lucky though as I finally got going lol.

More on that later.


Motlen Lava – a mix of grey and purple with a hint of  sparkle! Lovely!

Check out her store for more yummy handspun yarns.


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