Quiet Time Ahead…..

Things will be somewhat quiet here as I need to fly out to Hong Kong on some unexpected business 😦 Am I excited? No.

I have nothing prepared nor am I ready to take that long haul flight of approximately 14 hours. I am not packed and have mountain of things to sort out I am so not ready to go…….argh. Rant over. I just needed to get that out of my system. I fly on Saturday and will be away for 5 weeks. I am sad, I will miss Mr Snobs, Holly and my friends.

I can’t knit whilst flying, they will not allow knitting needles in hand luggage, so what’s a girl gonna do without her knitting? Sleep? Stare into thin air? Sing? I’m going to sneak some needles in my check in luggage, at least I will try and do something whilst I am there. What chances are that I will sit next to a knitter and not someone that snores whilst they sleep…….then accidently puts their head on my shoulder? ugh!!!!

I’m going to hunt down every single yarn store (if any) that I can, even if it kills me. I wonder if knitting is “as hip” there as it is here?

So my dear friends,  I may not be able to read or reply to blogs or emails and my blog will be quiet for a few weeks. I will be thinking of you all and hope to catch up with you on my return.

I say farewell for now but I shall be back very soon. XX

 ……..mmm what knitting project shall I take?….ponders


17 responses to “Quiet Time Ahead…..

  • Kai

    Do you have Denise Interchangeables? I took some knitting on to the plane when flying back to the UK, and it was my Denises. What I did was take the needle bits off and put on the two end stopper bits and then wrapped my knitting around the two needles. Then I knit on the plane and put back the stoppers just before landing. I did check with the airline before flying though that plastic pen like objects were ok, and they said yes.

    Whatever you’re going for, hope all is well. x

  • Amanda

    UGH… sounds terrible. I hope it all goes quickly for you! We’ll all miss you!

  • Jess

    oooh, HK at Chinese New Year! Fabulous!

    I work with a girl from Hong Kong, I shall ask her if she has any yarn shopping recomendations (I don’t think she knits but her sister does).

  • Bearium

    sounds ominous, hope everything’s ok 😡

    I’d be a bit dubious about flying with my Denises but I know several people who’ve packed bamboo DPNs and crochet hooks in their hand luggage and have had no problems flying with them at all. I wouldn’t take a big project that you’re part way through just in case they get awkward at check in but if you pack a couple of balls of wool that you can cast on/play with there shouldn’t be a problem afaik 😀

  • Twinkle Toes

    How about crochet if you don’t have the Denises?

    and small sock bamboo needles are normally fine.. let’s be honest – it looks like you’re knitting with toothpicks :o)

  • Amanda

    Take care! We will miss you.

  • belaybunny

    Hope you don’t get too bored on the flight. We’ll be very bored without you 😦 Take care anyway, and I’m sure the 5 weeks will pass by in a flash 😉 Maybe we should all send parcels for Mr Snobs to collect for you so you have nice surprise when you get back. *grins* !!

  • Jen da purse Ho

    you can’t take knitting w/ you on the flight?? WHAT?!?!??! no way!!! how about some crochet/ do you crochet? i’m sure in that amount of time you can crochet a whole blanket. 🙂 hahaha! i say…take a backpack for carry on, stuff the kniting at the bottom. make sure it’s on circs and not straights. 🙂 and if they say “what this?” just act dumb. 🙂 heheheeh i’ve never had my knitting taken from me on the plane. i’ve had scissors taken…but they were too pointy. 🙂

  • Jominx

    Hope you have a good journey, have fun in the yarns shops *is very jealous of yarn shopping in Hong Kong* 😀

  • Paula

    Bon Voyage! We’ll miss you terribly and will want lots of HK adventure stories when you get back! I can see it now–Yarn Snob and the Case of the Errant Alpaca, Volume 1.


  • jammam

    Crochet! Finger knitting cat’s cradle anything! Can’t go all that time without yarn even if just to fondle!

    Have a good trip and see you soon.

  • Jennifer

    As mentioned above…it sounds ominous and I hope all is okay.

    I’ve taken my knitting with me…I think bamboo knitting needles are alright. I’m actually flying out to Florida in a couple weeks and trying to decide what to take on the plane with me (I really only knit with metal needles these days).

    Take care and hurry back. We’ll all miss you!!

  • Octopus Knits

    Hope your trip goes well. I love all your beautiful blocked knits, and the crochet snowflake pattern is so pretty! (and I hope you and your DH are both feeling better)

  • Hawkesley

    I hope you have a great trip to Hong Kong and I hope you can find the time to do lots of knitting and yarn shopping!!

  • belaybunny

    Hope you’re having fun abroad. I’ve nominated you for an award 😉

  • Naomi

    Missing you girl! Hope you are well….just wanted to drop you a line in case you have internet access.

  • vampy

    I’ve taken knitting on planes to europe and the states several times with no problems. The TSA guidelines say knitting needles are permitted on flights to/from the states, but I always make sure I don’t take metal ones due to this: http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/assistant/editorial_1252.shtm

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