Blocking Crazy…..

I went through a blocking craze these past few days as I invested in some blocking wires.  Blocking with them is so much easier and no following a stripey mattress to get a straight line. I still hate it but if I don’t block my finished projects, I don’t get to wear them, simple as that, so I keep telling myself.

On all both hands and knees I blocked my Hamani Stole, Feather & Fan Shawl and a couple of scarves. I hear you all screaming at me……that Hamani stole was finished last year….September to be exact. Now I am utterly embarassed cos it’s been in a bag all this time.

I also pulled a muscle in my back whilst I was in bed the other night. NOOOO not what you’re all thinking!!! Shame on you all! We weren’t doing what you all think we were doing! I turned over to get comfortable and….ouch! So blocking on the floor as been rather painful. What a pair we are, Mr Snobs is limping and me with a sore back!!

Ok…now back to what I was talking about, blocking……


Yarn: Manos Del Uruguay

Colourway : Agate 4 skeins

Pattern : Feather & Fan Comfort Shawl

Needles : 5mm


One thing I have learned from this project, is to not BO to tightly. I love the scallop edging of this but it just didn’t show up as much as I wanted it to be. As a result, it has a slight wave.


Hamani Stole




Took advantage of the rare sunshine today but I was home alone so they’ve all been modelled on my supermodel, my sofa.

Now I need to lie down! XX


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