Chevron Scarf #2, Gifts & Crochet….

Do your eyes deceive you? Another Chevron Scarf, this one for a friend.  I actually finished this one in about 3 days or was it 4? I can’t remember as my brain has gone walkabouts. Blocked, wrapped and ready to go. It’s a surprise and I hope she likes it.



Posh Yarn ~ Lucia

Colourway ~Admire (one skein)

Needle size: 4mm


This one is so different from my first one, a more stripey effect created with a bigger size needle and its very effective. I like 🙂

I’m really getting to grips with crochet, much to my surprise and not as dumb as I thought I was. I didn’t think I could do it but it did take me two hours “blushes”to figure out this snowflake pattern sample for a scarf that I hope to do. I found reading the chart was much easier but it’s still not perfect, you know me, it has to be perfect.



I think this is the right side up!! I’ve got some Smooshy Worsted arriving soon for this scarf and I am quite excited about it. Just hope it’s not going to be one big mess.

…….and she says it’s not perfect, a little scruffy and untidy?? I don’t think so. My special projects pouch hand made by Belaybunny who has taken up sewing. It’s perfect in my eyes and I absolutely love it. There’s also a skein of Wollmeise Poison just poking out from there and she also sent some crochet hooks too, which my sister has done a runner with even though she can’t crochet. 



It’s lined too with stars!!! How clever! I lurva lurva lurve it. Thank you so much CJ.

Today is DH birthday but the silly man that he is sprained his ankle, it’s bruised, swollen and he’s limping “rolls eyes” He was out at the weekend and was not drunk…so he says but he’s telling porky pies cos I know he had a little to drink. He twisted it whilst walking across some cobble stoned paving! See!!! He must have been drunk!! LOL, so we’re stopping in tonight, a quite night in, just the two of us!!! Aaahhhhhh!!

Hope ya all having a good day whatever you’re doing!! XX


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