Yarn Candy, Feather & Fan, WIP and Help!!

Yarn Diet? …..Not in this house. Just before Christmas I received these….


Four skeins of Manos del Uruguay in colourway Agate which had now been transformed to this:


Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl. I so wanted to do knit up a rectangular stole with this yarn but the pattern I had in mind just didn’t work. Ok I be honest, I was trying to be clever and thought I could redesign the pattern. Well it didn’t work so it became this. Finished in record time of 10 days. Just need my blocking wires to arrive so it looks more like a shawl than a pair of knickers. LOL

I am trying to learn new techniques with all of my projects this year. So with this project I have learned the new technique : Spit Splicing, Sounds disgusting, it involves splicing the two ends of a yarn and wetting them in whichever method you prefer, placing the ends on the palm of your hand and with the other hand rub so that the friction of the rubbing and the heat will felt the yarn and so join the two ends together. I hope the shawl doesn’t fall to pieces when I block it.

There’s more Malabrigo….


Malabrigo Gruesa & Baby Merino Lace which I plan to make Wisp. These two skeins were a gift from a generous Jo from Crafty Cottage 🙂 Thank you.

Falling in love with a lovely yarn is so easy…Dream In Colour “Smooshy.” The yarn is exactly it…smooshy, soft, squishy, bouncy and a dream to knit.

Dusky Aurora


The colours are so subtle and delicate, not too variegated for my current project.


Do you recognise where this pattern is from? Hint: I knitted a swatch with my dyed yarn last year.


The lovely yarn company enclosed these two skeins of sequined yarn with my order. Help me decide what to knit with 100yrds of this yarn please?


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