Crafty Cottage Ravelry/Open Day….

I have something to tell you…..Make a note in your diaries, put a post on your blog, shout it out 1st March is Crafty Cottage Day!!

Remember Jo who owns the Crafty Cottage? who I had a wonderful experience with my first order, she is organising a Ravelry/Open Day at her lovely yarn store. She will be inviting members of the local spinners’ guild, embroiders guild and several other knitting groups around the area…….and you are all welcome….and that includes international knitters 🙂 If you happen to be in UK around that time……pop along. Jo would love to meet you all.

The event is held on Saturday which is also a market day and there are various stalls around that may be very interesting, an Italian chef (now I must make my presence known …..ooohh), French baker (OOhh la la! MMmm, the bread I mean), olives stall, organic fruits and veg, antique stalls etc. If you’re going there with a non knitter, you can shoo them off to wander around the stalls while you can squeeze the lovely yarns, chat with fellow knitters and pick Jo’s brains with your knitting problems 🙂 Sounds just perfect doesn’t it? There’s something for everyone.

There are 3 floors at the shop…no not all of yarn, but don’t we wish!! Imagine……….ah hem, two floors which are cafes, which is ideal, you can sneak away to the cafe for a coffee and then return to the store but who’d wanna leave all them yarns anyway? There’s a huge huge selection of yarns, Malabrigo (of course), Hand Maiden, Mango Moon, Be Sweet, Knit Global and more. There’s also a nice comfy sofa for all those who have passed out with excitement…….I’ll be one of them 🙂

Natter, gossip, drool, dribble, hyperventilate, scream, pass out – whatever happens to you when you go into a store, it should be fun. Gossip about what yarns are hot for this year and what’s not. Help other knitting chums with their knitting problems, ask for advice and or just chill. Perfect! Jo is also offering complimentary lunch to all her visitors too, so if you’re wanting to attend, just want more information about the event or just to say hello send Jo a quick email She’d be more than happy to hear from you and meet you!!!

So make a note in your diary knitters, I may even see you all there 🙂 Oh….and take plenty of money and hubby’s credit card  🙂 very important and spend!! WWWooohoo!!


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