More Malabrigo Madness & Crafty Cottage

Meet Joanne Watson….


Joanne is the owner of Crafty Cottage, a new online store that I have just discovered. Joanne has been fantastic and extremely helpful when I placed my first order. Her new online store is about to undergo a huge overhaul in the new year so please go and support her when it’s up and running. She has a huge collection of yarns of course lots of Malabrigo coming in the new year, yes Malabrigo, you must check out her store but please, leave some for me 🙂 OK?

Just take a look at the store, isn’t it divine, so quaint and cozy. Just look at those yarns!!  Don’t you wish you were sitting on that table, knitting and chatting? I think I’d be busy oogling the yarns!


This is my order from the Crafty Cottage…

Malabrigo Seleccion Privada Shade P


This is the first time I have ever come across this yarn from Malabrigo and if Joanne hadn’t mentioned it to me, I would never have known it existed. Lots of colours but all vibrant and beautiful. Sadly one skein has left me but gone to a good home 😦


Malabrigo Seleccion Privada Shade Z.

Joanne delayed my order and as a kind gesture, she enclosed these two skeins for me. All were perfectly wrapped in a box with lovely tissue paper. All I can say is that I am one happy happy customer.

There were another 2 skeins of Malabrigo in Curazo a lovely purple colour, but they’re on their way to someone who has never knitted with Malabrigo before…shock, horror..what? but I can’t show you them, sorry. I was very tempted to keep them and held onto them for as long as I could before waving goodbye to them at the post office. Sarah, the post mistress thought I was utterly mad!!!

I can see Crafy Cottage becoming one of my regular online stores and I am already making my list for more Malabrigo, you can never have too much of it can you?

Thank you Joanne for your generosity and I wish you every success with your new online store. Please do add  Crafty Cottage to your blog.

There’s more…yes more. I told you its Malabrigo Madness.


Malabrigo Velvet Grapes, a very very popular shade and I had to get my mitts on these. Can you see why?


and Malabrigo Verdes, this surprise skein I won on Malabrigo Cast On Week on Ravelry Malabrigo Group. A wonderful prize and I couldn’t have asked for a better colour, thank you.

Phew…..I need to sit down with all my Malabrigo’s, 17 skeins within this week, Oh it’s all too much!!! Breathe slowly, deep breaths, faints, thud!!


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