Mmmalabrigo Mmmadness….

Today, I have had a silly smile on my face all day. I’ve been walking around the house, beaming from ear to ear, singing and dancing. I woke Mr Snobs up this morning, literally swiped the bed sheets off him, shook him so he was fully awake, made sure his eyes were fully open by holding his eyelids so he wouldn’t fall asleep just to show him what I received in the post. Christmas has come extra early at the Snob house.

This was a COMPLETE surprise and I nearly choked on my toast when I opened it.  I had no idea Paula, this very naughty little minx had put these in the post!! I can’t thank her enough for brightening up my day 🙂 She is just wonderful, another wonderful knitter, one of many that I have built up a great friendship with since I started knitting. She recently burnt her fingers quite badly and hasn’t been able to knit. Please go visit her blog and wish her fingers make a full recovery so she can knit once again!


Malabrigo Worsted Geranio, 4 skeins of raspberry goodness. Aren’t they gorgeous? They are more than gorgeous. I am going to make these lovely skeins into something that will remind me of Paula, maybe a shawl but at the moment, I just want to touch them. Thank you so much Paula, you are so kind and sweet. I love ya hun! Thank you for listening and being there 🙂 Thank you…mwah x

I say this time and time again, knitters are the most generous people around. There is not one knitter I know that hasn’t touched my heart. You are all fantastic people and all have wished me a speedy recovery and because of all your warm, kind hearted vibes, I am doing just great.

This year has been a great year for me. I’ve made some truely great friends and I sometimes wonder and ask myself what have I done to deserve such kindness? I wonder……

There’s more Malabrigo Madness but more on that tomorrow and I discovered a fantastic new online store which I just have to tell you about. Its a complete Malabrigo Madness day today, but I love it. Thank you Paula ..xx



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