I Snore & Chevron Scarf….

It’s been heard by Mr Snobs, yes I’ve been snoring for the past few days, quite loud in fact. Why? Cos I can’t breathe. I am full of flu, just like every other person I know. Who hasn’t had it? Blocked nose at night, runny nose during the day, shivering and quivering like a leaf, yup….full of it 😦 My nose is blowing bubbles, wanna see it? Wait…….ooops, it popped before I could reach for the camera. Hahahah not that you wanted to see it. I can’t sleep, cos I can’t breathe and the only way I can breathe freely is if I sit up in bed, but when I lie down, I can’t and so I snore!

So there’s been plenty of resting in bed again, and out with my thermals *blushes* as I try to keep warm. Ok, you heard it here first, I am wearing thermals lol. It’s the only way I can stay warm.

No point in feeling sorry for myself, I cast on a Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts


A non stripey Chevron, very interesting effect and really pretty, you think? I’m just using one skein of PY in Lucia called Merry as I can’t be bothered to alternate two different yarns. It’s knitting up in a variegated effect which is working out really well.


Something vibrant, cheerful and merry as we approach Christmas…How many days to go??? What??

Excuse me, but I really need to blow my nose! It’s almost falling off my face!


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