Progress on Arwen….

I thought I’d post this before I dash off on Thursday. I finally completed the front left section of Arwen last night. It’s a huge project and I am enjoying it tremedously, if only I could knit a little faster. The cables seem to be slowing me down quite a bit.

Front Left Side.


The hood….


The cables.



There were issues with this about how tight the upper arm sections were so I added an extra cable repeat to allow for my flabby arms. I lost 6sts along the way on the arm section due to not researching on how to do short rows 😦 but I was too far ahead to frog back to rectify it. So I’m hoping blocking will make this sleeve slightly longer, to make it equal length with the right sleeve, or I may have to walk with the left shoulder drooped lol.

Although I love doing the cables, I am finding it very fiddley with the cable needle. I MUST learn how to do this. Started on the back section now and it’s a simple st st all the way, need something simple after all the cables lol.

Thanks again for all your prayers, well wishes and positive vibes for Thursday. I am so looking forward to hospital food…..Oh yum….yuk!!


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