A Big Thank You & Some FO’s……

well, sort of 🙂

Firstly I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you all for all your well wishes. I am feeling much better now. Your thoughts have boosted up my energy levels tremendously. I have one more hurdle to go and that’s into hospital on Thursday for a minor operation but I should be out late evening.

Secondly, I know I’ve been a very bad blogger. I’ve not posted for days and days. Most of my time has been spent on Ravelry, so blame that. Isn’t it so addictive? My queue for projects is so long and I am meeting lots of you on there too.

Ok, now for some kinda finished knits.


It’s supposed to look like this but it looks more like this. Isn’t it funny? I added way too many repeats on it so it looks really floppy. It’s going to my wacky sister, she’s into this sort of thing.

Some wrist warmers from a magazine.


I need to add some wacky funky buttons on it. These are going to my wacky sister who says she will has some buttons, so I’ll leave that up to her 🙂

My So Called Scarf finally finished



which I love and will wear to bed, and who wouldn’t lol

Neckwarmer, using Cashmere Neckwarmer pattern, a very simple but really effective pattern. I can see myself making more of these.



It’s not cashmere but the lovely yarn was given to be by the lovely Belaybunny. It is Wollmeise Worsted Poison Nr5. My first Wollmeise yarn and I have to say I do love it, the colours are so vibrant and strong. I need to add a loop and a button and hoping to wear it on Thursday, something to make me feel happy 🙂 Thanks CJ.

Well my lovelies…I shall see you all very very soon, wish me luck for Thursday and thank you again for all the kind words for a speedy recovery….mmmwah x


10 responses to “A Big Thank You & Some FO’s……

  • Sarah

    I wear my scarves to bed too! Must make that hat for Plucky girl.

    Get well soon!!!

  • Paula

    I will be thinking of you on Thursday and sending positive energy that all goes well.

    Lovely FOs!

    Be well!

  • knitandrun

    Love all the finished knitted goodies. I’ve been wanting to make one of those pithy hats too…I’ll have to remember yours and not make so many repeats. =o) I made My So Called Scarf for my grandma last year…and she LOVED it!! It’s such a pretty pattern.

    I’d love to know how your Cardigan for Arwen is coming…have you worked on it? It has quickly moved to the top of my to do list…as soon as the holiday knitting is over. Finally going to knit a garment for myself.

    Good luck Thursday…I will also be sending LOTS of positive energy your way!!

  • Jen Da Purse Ho

    your scarf is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

    you will do well on Thurs. Please keep us posted w/ your progress. 🙂

  • jammam

    All look lovely and I was so excited by the yarn in the sidbar I headed over to the yarn snob shop to see what was for sale, I hope you feel well enough to do some more dyeing very soon :o)

    Good luck for Thursday, will be thinking of you xx

  • octopusknits

    Good luck with the surgery! I’m sure your wacky sister will have great fun with her new hat and wrist warmers : ) The scarf and neck warmer both are so beautiful. Great job with everything!

  • daisie

    hope all goes well Thursday – it will soon be over and you can relax. Wear your “so called scarf” it is lovely, and it looks like the colour of lavender which is very healing and calming!

  • Kathy

    Love all your FOs! And don’t apologize for not blogging – you have to take time to care for yourself!

  • Amanda

    I have missed you so much. Must email me with details of what is going on… I’m worried. Why the hospital?

    If I’m being too personal, just cyber smack me… I miss our early Sunday morning chats.

  • Continentalcat

    Those are some great FO’s, well done. Good luck tomorrow!

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