Arwen~Cast On, Central Park Hoodie~Frogged….

I’ve cast on for an Arwen cardigan after my gauge was completely wrong on my CPH. I hear you all telling me that a gauge is MOST important. Ok… are all pointing your finger at me and screaming…….did you do a gauge?

I didn’t for my Central Park Hoodie……well, I did and I thought I got the gauge correct but so many questions, do you wash and block or don’t you? How do you read the stitches, does it really matter? YES IT DOES, as I have realised that my CPH is going to be Huuuuugh! It’s not going to shrink in the wash, nor do I fancy putting on the extra pounds to fit into it. So with only 4 inches to complete the back section……STOP!!! I am going to frog it back and start again. I did do a swatch, washed and blocked it and my needle size is way too big.

Ok…I hear ya all.

Just 0.5mm difference in a needle size made a huge huge difference. So my CPH is sulking in my knitting bag whilst I work on Arwen and yes I did do a swatch for this and I think I have got it right this time.


I’m a little fingers and thumbs with cables but I do really enjoy it. This is the left front section of the cardigan, colour is aubergine, slightly more red than the photo.


Is a gauge swatch important? YES!! but don’t you just hate knitting one up? It’s sooooo boring!


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