Who Has Been A Naughty Girl?….

I put my hands up and admit that it was me. I went on a little spending spree last week, just a little 😉 I thought I’d treat myself as I’ve been working really hard last week. Wanna see what went in to my shopping basket?


Just over 2lbs of Aran Donegal Tweed in a gorgeous green tweed. That’s 9 skeins of yumminess with approximately 1785yrds in length. It’s lovely and soft and a dream to knit. In fact, I couldn’t wait and cast on to make this….

 cph.jpgWhat a crap photo 😦 The colour is more like the previous photo.

Central Park Hoodie, my first major attempt at cables and I am enjoying it.


16 balls of Jaeger Merino Aran in Aubergine which was a fantastic bargain, I couldn’t resist. This is to become this.

And finally an issue of Interweave Knits, Debbie Bliss Rialto Pattern book and Addi Lace needles……there’s another needle to follow.


I am ashamed to admit there’s more but they haven’t arrived yet 😦 Posty…….please hurry up!


17 responses to “Who Has Been A Naughty Girl?….

  • tuttlium

    Oh, WOW. That Donegal tweed is to die for. That’s going to be a beautiful sweater, for sure.

  • jammam

    oo oo oo I want to do all of them! WHAT ELSE DID YOU ORDER? wat is postie keeping from you, lushiousness abounds!

  • belaybunny

    ooo, I’m loving that green tweed – your CPH is looking gorgeous so far!! And the other aran is lovely too. Don’t worry, I’ve fallen by the wayside too this week 😉

  • Laura

    Oh wow you really did do some shopping..lol..This week has been crazy also.

    Can’t wait to see the hoodie completed.

  • Amanda

    I think it would have been naughty NOT to have bought that yarn!

    By the way, I received your package yesterday. As soon as I can get myself together, I will be blogging it… it is even better than I saw on the site! I don’t have a project for it, but it is certainly going to be some “petting” yarn. SO SOFT (and smells good, too!) Thanks so much for that!

  • Kay Weare

    I love that tweed. Loooooooooooove. *eats it*

  • Jen da Purse Ho

    aiyo you bought nice stuff!! 🙂 it’s all so beautiful and the colors are so beautiful! 🙂

  • Sarah

    Oh. That tweed is super, super gorgeous! Can’t wait to see modelded (yes, you better model) the FO’s!

    : )

  • ContinentalCat

    The Donegal is soooo yummy, what a great colour!

  • Paula

    I love the cables for both your projects! Beautiful choices–both the yarn and the patterns! You’ve been working very hard–you deserve them!

  • knitandrun

    So pretty!! I love the tweed…and I can’t wait to see your Arwen…I have that on my to do list too!! =o)

    BTW…I received my Cascade Eco Wool last weekend and hope to cast on in the next few days for my Hemlock. I will keep you updated on my progress.

  • Moggle

    Lovely yarn. My Lys has tweed like that and the colours are so luscious. Nice jaeger aran too!
    I love the fall interweave! What are you going to make from it?

  • knittingaddict

    Ohhhhh, LOVE the Goodies AND the cables (aren’t cables FUN!?? I LOVE knitting cables — something I can do all day long!!)

    Can you please share where you got the deal on the Jeager if it’s still ongoing? They make some of my favorite commercially done yarns — but they are so $$$!

    And please check your email, I am placing an order ASAP and need to know if you want anything — although, now that you’ve discovered the Addi LACE needles — I have a feeling those KP needles won’t be getting as much use as they once did….I think you’re going to be a very sorry girl 😉

    Those new Addi’s are AWESOME, and they feel like buttah in your hands. I have not gotten the KP’s yet (can you BELIEVE it’s taken me THIS LONG!?) but as soon as I get your answer I will be able to compare — and I don’t think I am going to like them better than then Lace needles — they are pretty darn awesome!

    Get back to me ASAP, lovey!


  • Bearium

    That’s such a fab shade of green. I want some, it’s not fair! Going to look great in the CPH too 😀

  • Lis

    where have you been? I never hear from you anymore 🙂 It went from every day to zero 🙂

  • Shawna

    wow! nice haul:) you chose lovely colors.

  • octopusknits

    Oh, my! What nice stuff!

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